Mooresville, NC- As JRi Shocks 10 Year Anniversary is fast approaching, they reflect on a decade’s worth
of history and look to the future. Achieving success early on, JRi has accolades and milestones rivaling
companies twice their age and size. Beginning with 4 employees, a 1,550 square foot building in Raleigh,
North Carolina to today with 113 employees, a 70,000 square foot facility in Mooresville, North Carolina,
JRi has expanded to keep up with business growth. Over the years, they have landed multiple OEM
contracts with companies such as Arctic Cat, Chrysler and Continental Engineering and supplied each
contract with the same high performance shocks JRi is known for. All JRi Shocks are hand-built, not mass
assembled and have compiled countless wins, records and championships in all forms of motorsports
around the world. A company rooted heavily in Engineering, JRi has completed special projects for other
transportation platforms such as planes, boats and trains, as well as bio-mechanical/cyborg devices and
numerous suspension applications within the Defense/Military sector.


In 2018, JRi Shocks solidifies itself as a damper supplier for the FIA Formula 1 World Championship.
While it will be a return for Jeff Ryan, it will be an arrival for JRi Shocks. “While working hard to build the
foundation of the company, Formula One was the one goal I looked forward to achieving under the JRi
Brand. It feels good to return to the sport that helped make me who I am today. I knew I had to have an
engineering and technical infrastructure in place, and more importantly the need or requirement from
the sport itself. With a solid JRi Shocks infrastructure and the new regulations with regards to tires and
the larger footprint, the importance of dampers and control has been necessitated now more than ever.
I understand the past and current needs, and try to recognize the future needs of the sport. With that, I
am quite confident we will offer a technically advanced damper system that incorporates a number of
enhancements dependant on chassis, tire or track condition requirements,” states Jeff Ryan, Technical
Director and Co-Founder of JRi Shocks.


As we look to the future, JRi Shocks next 10 years will be a similar progression to the last 10 years.
Focusing on innovation and striving for excellence, JRi will continue leading the way in the highly
competitive shock absorber industry.


-JRi Shocks Press Release

JRi Shocks Commemorates 10-Year Anniversary With Big Announcement