As the old saying goes “it’s better to be lucky than good any day” but in the case of Kyle Jones, his 2015 racing season has been a little of both. Jones, who crashed hard two weeks ago at Columbus Motor Speedway and wasn’t ready to race in last Saturday’s event was fortunate enough to have an all day rain cancel that program. This Saturday, with repairs made to his car the Springfield, OH native was the class of the field with a fast qualifying time and a feature win to go with it. It was Jones second triumph of the season in NASCAR Whelen All American Series late model action and kept him in the hunt for his first track championship at the Central Ohio speed plant.

Current point leader and defending track champion Chad Pendleton and Mike Rush lined up on the point of the 20 car late-model contingent with the former taking control from the outset. Jones quickly moved up to third and found a his way around Rush before setting out after the leader. Finding the outside lane to his liking around the third mile paved oval, Jones pulled even with Pendleton near the midpoint of the 35-lap affair powering ahead for good following an extended battle Pulling away to a comfortable margin Pendleton was left to defend his spot from Donnie Hill and successfully did so through the checkered flag. Jones led Pendleton, Hill, Rush and Cody Robinson under the checkered flag.

A torrid battle in the Columbus modified 30 lap contest found Kyle Purvis on top at the conclusion. Purvis started eighth and chased down Terry Humphrey in the closing laps of the open wheel main event and, like Jones, utilized the newly paved outside lane to secure the top spot. From there he pulled ahead and staved off Sane Shirk in the waning laps to claim the victory. Humphrey, Shawn Gray and Buddy Townsend chased the lead battle across the finish line.

George Lindsay was again the man to beat and the 25 lap sport stock feature contest. Lindsay started eleventh and powered around Ralph Vinson in the late going to claim the win. Vinson was second across the stripe ahead of Phil Gussler Jr, Chris Meier and Bruce Holmes.

Michael Robison found himself in victory lane for the second time this year in crazy compact competition. The gregarious driver started 11th and swept around the outside of Dusty Harding near the midpoint of that 20 lap contest. Holding off a closing Ryan Smith in the late stages of the contest Robison went on to add another trophy to his collection as Sean Vansickle, Devin Stansbury and Dusty Harding rounded out the top five.

In their first appearance since 2009, the Vintage American Racing Club competed in a couple of exhibition racing wowing race fans, of all ages. Track officials were very pleased with the turnout and plan to have the group back on a more regular basis in the future.


Late Model

Fast Time: Kyle Jones, 14.116
Dash: 1) Kevin Mingus 2) Mike Rush 3) Chad Pendleton 4) Kyle Jones
Heat: 1) Howard Muncy 2) Burgess White 3) Bill Cantley 4) Bob Grubaugh 5) Bobby Fihe
Heat: 1) Ryan Fleming 2) Kyle Purvis 3) Erika Newcome 4) Bill Browning 5) George Lindsay

Feature: 1) Kyle Jones 2) Chad Pendleton 3) Donnie Hill 4) Mike Rush 5) Cody Robinson
6) Kyle Purvis 7) Josh Cahill 8) Bob Grubaugh 9) Howard Muncy 10) Daryl McKay
11) Bill Browning 12) Ryan Fleming 13) Bill Cantley 14) Bobby Fihe 15) Burgess White 16) Andy Shutts 17) Erika Newcome 18) George Lind0say 19) Jim Hursey 20) Kevin Mingus

Columbus Modifieds

Fast Time: Shawn Gray, 14.384
Dash: 1) Shane Shirk 2) Terry Humphrey 3) Shawn Gray 4) Kyle Purvis
Heat: 1) John Donovan 2) Marc Life 3) Andy Shutts 5) Jeremy Menninger 5) Eddie Vallette
Heat: 1) Josh Kempf 2) Greg Blackburn 3) Buddy Townsend 4)Ethan Mullet 5) Gary Zink

Feature: 1) Kyle Purvis 2) Shane Shirk 3) Terry Humphrey 4) Shawn Gray 5) Buddy Townsend
6) Brian Whetnall 7) Gary Zink 8) Josh Kempf 9) Jeremy Menninger 10) John Donovan
11) Eddie Vallette 12) Greg Blackburn 13) Andy Shutts 14) Jess Drook 15) John Hansel
16) Ethan Mullet 17) Dirk Thomas 18) Marc Life

Sport Stock

Fast Time: George Lindsay, 15.886
Dash: 1) Kenny Simpson 2) Phil Gussler Jr 3) Chris Meier 4) Steve Karnes
Heat: 1) Jason Parsons 2) Bruce Holmes 3) Bruce Snider 4) Ralph Vinson 5) Robert Jewell

Feature: 1) George Lindsay 2) Ralph Vinson 3) Phil Gussler Jr 4) Chris Meier 5) Bruce Holmes
6) Steve Karnes 7) Kenny Simpson 8) Robert Jewell 9) Jason Parsons 10) Bruce Snider 11) Donnie West 12) James Hopkins 13) Mike Litchfield

Crazy Compact

Fast Time: Devin Stansbury, 17.018

Feature: 1) Michael Robison 2) Ryan Smith 3) Shawn Vansickle 4) Devin Stansbury
5) Dusty Harding 6) Corey Kyer 7) Robb Gibson 8) Ryan Tamburro 9) Chris Carter
10) Bill Ramey 11) Gwen Walsh 12) Makenna Hemming 13) Lonnie Brown
14) Danielle Brown 15) Heidi Fitch 16) Frank Hreha 17) Duane Davidson
18) Herman Dague

– Columbus Motor Speedway Release

Photo Credit: John Rees Photos

Jones, Purvis, Lindsay and Robison Victorious at Columbus