Wisconsin racer Casey Johnson expanded his racing roles during the 2017 season.  Not only did he continue to wheel his Super Late Model, but he also signed on as crew chief for John Beale.  After learning to balance the two, Johnson has made a bigger leap this year, expanding his own racing schedule and also adding more races with Beale.


“This year my schedule is back up to over 50 races in the seat running the full ARCA Midwest Tour, TUNDRA Series, Triple Crown at Madison and weekly at Kaukauna for Chase Motorsports, plus other specials throughout the Midwest” Johnson told Speed51.com.  “John (Beale) will be running the full Midwest Tour and TUNDRA Series.”


Last year, Johnson ran about 25 races on his own and about 15 with Beale, this year those numbers will nearly double.  The successes seen last year, however, proved to Johnson and Beale that their partnership is beneficial to both of them.  Johnson picked up the win in the prestigious Dixieland 250, along with over a half-dozen additional wins.


Beale finished third in points in the TUNDRA Series and was also their Rookie of the Year.  He earned a handful of podium finishes, including a run from 20th to second in the TUNDRA Series race at Jefferson Speedway (WI).  With one year of experience under their belts, the two have found a good balance and hope to continue to see success in 2018.


“John and I ran a few times together last year where I drove while I also crew chiefed for him and it actually went really smooth,” Johnson stated.  “Hopefully we will be able to have the same kind of results doing it full time this season.  Beale and I have a very good relationship it’s basically just two friends going racing and if things need to switch to business we flip the switch, but we both have the same goal which is to build awesome cars and win races so we get along really well.”


Up until last year, Johnson was always a racer and the decision to take himself out of the seat and onto the pit box was not an easy one.  Now, the Wisconsin driver thinks maybe it’s made him even better behind the wheel.


“It was a hard decision to make but I found out I really enjoy it,” Johnson said.  “There’s still no better place to be than behind the wheel, but trying to get another driver to victory lane brings on a whole new challenge, which is always something I’m looking for.  Last year I was able to adjust a car off of someone else’s feedback and what it looked like to me on the race track.  In years past, I’ve always adjusted from the seat of the car so I think I was able to learn a lot more by having that different view point.”


A full color schedule, put together by his wife, helps him stay on track for the season, which kicks off this Sunday at Dells Raceway Park (WI) for the Icebreaker.


-By Jana Wimmer, Speed51.com Midwest Editor – Twitter: @JWimm22

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

Johnson Expands Racing & Crew Chief Duties for 2018 Season