OK. We’ve been there. We get it.


You love racing. You’ve been doing it for a while now and you know the effort required, the late nights involved, and the passion and commitment needed. You’re getting good and have shown that you can win. But winning can be expensive.


You’ve seen the sponsorships and financial backing and that always seems to go to the “big name” teams and you’ve wondered “How in the hell do I break into that?” or “Where do I go to get some help?”


Well, here at JOES Racing Products, we started the same way and wondered the same things. We were passionate, committed, willing to put in the hours, and always – ALWAYS! – looking for the funds that could make the difference between heading for the Winner’s Circle or back to Pit Row.


JOES Racing Products is committed to promoting grassroots racing and, to support that idea, we’re offering Primary & Associate Sponsorships to 10 talented drivers in 2015. These sponsorships are designed to promote JOES Racing Products while also educating the public, distributing our information, and creating sales within JOES dealer network. Further, the 10 drivers selected for sponsorship will also be featured in our marketing materials, social media outlets, and web presence in order to give them an avenue to showcase their talents, accomplishments, and awards.


The 10 drivers from different racing series around the country will be hand-picked by a committee of JOES employees. Selection will be based on their ability to promote JOES Racing Products. If selected, you will become part of the 2015 #teamJOES and will receive either a $2,000.00 or $500.00 parts credit from JOES Racing Products and will also be eligible for discounts on JOES Products.


If you’re interested, please read the following:


2015 JOES Racing Products Sponsorship


  • Selection will be made by 2/15/15.
  • Application period begins 1/1/2015 ends 1/31/2015.
  • Primary sponsorship – $2,000.00 parts credit – dealer discount status.
  • Associate sponsorship – $500.00 parts credit – dealer discount status.


2015 #teamJOES Requirements


  • JOES logos on both sides of the car: minimum size of 12″X4″.
  • JOES hat worn in pictures and/or victory lane.
  • Distribute JOES catalogs (provided by JOES) at race tracks and have available by request.
  • Post-race and schedule updates with finishes, pictures, videos and phone calls so we can promote you on our website and social media outlets.
  • Testimonial: JOES will work with you on this process to get testimonials on current product lines in use on your racecar. These testimonials will include product features, serviceability, form, fit and function.
  • Product Input: Possible new product development and/or modifications to current product lines and marketing ideas.
  • Promotion of JOES on your marketing outlets including Facebook, Twitter, magazine articles and racing media websites and forums.
  • Drivers website link on the JOES website.


Visit www.joesracing.com for complete rules.


JOES Racing is a maker of quality racing parts and equipment for a variety of racing types. We obsess over the details to produce quality racing parts that give you the competitive edge in a demanding sport. If you’re like us, you can’t stand being an “also ran” at the track, especially after the effort, sacrifice and expense that it takes to win.


– JOE’S Racing Products Release

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