DeGraff OH – Shady Bowl Speedway honored the memory of one of the tri-state drivers Saturday. Neal Sceva (Urbana) was a many time track champion with over 600 feature wins.The Bowl runs a 51 lap feature as 51 was Sceva’s number. This year the street stocks were the class chosen to run the 51 lap main.

Jason Drummond led the field to to the green to start the 51 lapper.. Jim Lewis Jr of Fairborn OH passed Ray Muncy on lap 27 and led the rest of the way to claim the prize of $1051.00 plus a $200 bonus from VMS. VMS put the extra money if the winning driver started last in the field which Lewis did. Muncy,Chris Abbott,Rodney Roush and Josh Sage rounded out the top five. Steve Snapp was fast qualifier and picked up an additional $100.00. Aliza Snapp and Josh Sage were heat winners.

In compacts it was once again Kenny George in victory lane in his White Line Designs Cavalier. George was followed by Nicholas Meade, David Callahan Justin Durflinger and  Andrew George. Callahan was the dash winner, with Aaron Chatfield taking the heat win.

Terry Eaton was the winner of the tuner main in his Honda. Chris Crozier, Justin Birt , Zack Thornhill and Lesley Rhodes finished second thru fifth.

The late model feature turned out to be a crash filled event. Russ Bobb led first 6 counters before giving way to Mike Ward. Ward set the pace until lap 7. Mark Parker took over the lead on 12. The race was redflagged for a crash involving several top cars off turn 2. Fast qualifier Nathan Herron, Jacob Muncy, Austin Troyer and Mike Ward were all involved. Josh Smith led until lap 34 when it appeared he lost power. Mark Parker of West Liberty took advantage of Smiths bad luck to surge past and pick up the checker. Brandon Basye was second, with Russ Bobb third

Chris Abbott fourth and Smith fifth. Smith and Jeep Pflum were heat race winners

The modified feature saw only one yellow as Joe Pequignot in his R&R

Paint and Body openwheeler took the checker.. The win far from easy as Brad Williams put on pressure  all the last half of the race. Shane Shirk,Rob Yelton and Brad Yelton rounded out the top five. The heat wins went to Logan McPherson and Carl Stapleton.

The Saturday 6/14 the Bowl will host the Vore Compact Touring Series.

The late models, modifieds, street stocks and Pro-4s will be in action. Racing will begin at 7.



Shady Bowl results 06-07-14


Late Models:

Fast Qualifier: Nathan Herron  13.680

Dash Winner: Josh Smith

Heat Winner: Jeep Pflum

Feature: 1. Mark Parker 2. Brandon Basye 3. Russ Bobb 4. Chris Abbott 5. Josh Smith 6. Chris Prater 7. Jacob Muncy 8. Nathan Herron 9. Austin Troyer 10. Mike Ward 11. Brad Coons 12. Jeep Pflum 13. Dylan Troyer


Fast Qualifier: Shane Shirk 13.874

Dash Winner: Logan McPherson

Heat Winner: Carl Stapleton

Feature: 1. Joe Pequignot 2. Brad Williams 3. Shane Shirk 4. Rob Yelton 5. Brad Yelton 6. Logan McPherson 7. Greg Winget 8. Buddy Townsend 9. Mike Pippin 10. Chris Parker 11. Rob Schaeff 12. Carl Stapleton 13. Grant Gamble 14. Kevin Bloxam

Street Stocks:

Fast Qualifier: Steve Snapp 14.999

Dash Winner: Ray Muncy

Heat Winners: Aliza Snapp and Josh Sage

Feature: (51 laps) 1. Jim Lewis Jr. 2. Ray Muncy 3. Chris Abbott 4. Rodney Roush 5. Josh Sage 6. Richard Roush 7. Robert Roush 8. Dave Sage 9. Jason Drummond 10. Jason Burnside 11. Aliza Snapp 12. Scott Sullenberger 13. Jason Mueller 14. Roger Roush


Fast Qualifier: Kenny George Jr. 17.182

Dash Winner: David Callahan

Heat Winner: Aaron Chatfield

Feature: 1. Kenny George 2. Nicholas Meade 3. David Callahan 4. Justin Durflinger 5. Andy George 6. Rob Sharpe 7. Josh Foltz 8. Zach Doolin 9. Dean Adams 10. Robbie Tayler 11. Cody Wynn 12. Tyler Sage 13. Aaron Chatfield 14. Andru Troyer


Fast Qualifier: Terry Eaton Jr. 15.675

Feature: 1. Terry Eaton Jr. 2. Chris Crozier 3. Justin Birt 4. Zach Thornhill 5. Les Rhodes 6. Jake Moody 7. Eddie Kemp


Jim Lewis Takes Sceva Memorial 51 at Shady Bowl