Jeff Ganus made it three wide with Brent Jack and Scott Hantz, all three giant names in the Outlaw Super Late Model racing game, and came out with the lead that earned him a $20,000 payday in the Summer Sizzler at Indiana’s New Paris Speedway on July 31.


With the win, Ganus became just the second driver with repeat Summer Sizzler victories.  The only other driver that has brought home a $20,000 check twice was Tyler Roahrig.  Roahrig was involved in a wicked template-body Super Late Model crash earlier in the year at Anderson Speedway. Roahrig, who is still recovering from the injuries suffered at Anderson, was on the front stretch to congratulate Ganus on his win.


“It’s awesome to see Tyler out here at the track,” said Ganus in victory lane.  “I wish we could have been out here racing together tonight.”


Ganus, driving for car owner Bryan Short, took the lead on lap 38 of the 100-lap event and never looked back.


“I was worried I went too hard in the beginning trying to get to the front,” said Ganus.  “It felt like my tires weren’t the greatest so I was a little worried.  On the restarts we got to start on the bottom and I knew we were safe. The car handled really well on the low side, no one wants to be on the high side here.”


Despite Ganus thinking the outside lane wasn’t the best place to be, the outside lane chosen on lane-choice restarts helped Terry Senneker battle towards the front.  Senneker was involved in an early-race altercation, but picked his way back through the field by using the high lane on restarts.  Senneker, a three-time Kalamazoo Klash winner, battled late in the race with Brent Jack for the final podium position, but did not have enough to get around him with a cosmetically-damaged racecar.  Scott Hantz battled for the lead but came home in the second position.


“I took the high side every time on the restart to try to get the jump over Ganus, but I burned up the tires at the end.” Hantz said. “I didn’t want to start behind him (Ganus) because that would have let someone else get up there and start beside him.  I don’t know if Jack would have gone up there, but I know Senneker would have.”


Steve Needles was fastest in the Wednesday night practice session that was held, he was also the fastest in the pre-race practice sessions. He fell short to JR Roahrig in qualifying as he was the fastest car.  Brent Jack turned the fastest lap during the 100 lap race, but he was still a few tenths off of Roahrig’s qualifying time.  JR Roahrig picked up a $1,000 bonus that was put up for the fastest car on the track for the day, whether in practice, qualifying, or the race.


Many of the same top Outlaw Late Model talents will battle this Wednesday, August 13, in Kalamazoo Klash XXII at Michigan’s Kalamazoo Speedway.  Ganus, Senneker, Jack, Hantz, Needles and more will battle NASCAR superstar Kyle Busch for the prestigious Klash trophy in front of a live worldwide audience on 51 TV.  Fans can purchase access to watch the live video broadcast of the Kalamazoo Klash for just $19.99 by clicking here:


– By Mikayla Kugler, Midwest Correspondent.  Photo credit:

Jeff Ganus Sizzles to $20,000 Payday at New Paris