Heavy rains earlier this week made for a challenging track at the Ninth Annual Hangover at 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, Tennessee. For the second time in his career, Scott James went to Seymour and picked up the victory and the $4,000 check.


James, who calls Indiana home, took the lead early in the 40-lap feature, but lost the lead to Chicky Barton around Lap 13. Barton was only able to keep the lead for three laps as he went to the pit area with a flat tire at Lap 16, according to InsideDirtRacing.com.


It seemed as though a win for James in the Hangover was destiny, because every time someone wrestled the lead away from him, that driver would have trouble and James would take the lead right back.


Mack McCarter took the lead from James near the halfway point, but McCarter smacked the frontstretch wall on the exit of turn four with 11 laps to go and gave the lead back to James, according to InsideDirtRacing.com.


Ryan King then tried to be the next driver to take the lead from James, but he was unable to do so in the closing laps.


James was able to hold onto the top spot to take the victory on Saturday at 411. Donald McIntosh and Ryan King completed the podium.


-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Associate Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Mid-American Racing Updates


Ninth Annual Hangover

411 Motor Speedway, Seymour, Tennessee

Unofficial Results

  1. Scott James
  2. Donald McIntosh
  3. Ryan King
  4. Eric Webber
  5. Todd Coffman
  6. Myles Moos
  7. Chicky Barton
  8. Mack McCarter
  9. Johnny Cloer
  10. Bo Eaton
  11. Cory Hedgecock
  12. Jackie Boggs
  13. Levi Ashby
  14. Ruben Mayfield
  15. P.J. Simpson
  16. Christian Hanger
  17. David Crabtree
  18. Patrick Duggan
  19. Walker Arthur
  20. Layne Clifton
  21. Ray Cook
  22. Colton Flinner


James Cures Hangover with Victory at 411 Motor Speedway