Jack Bateman addressed the drivers and teams at Seekonk Speedway (MA) Saturday evening in the driver’s meeting to clarify a rule regarding red flag procedures that led to much confusion during last week’s Wings ‘N’ Wheels event at Waterford Speedbowl (CT).

Bateman outlined the ways in which teams are allowed to work on their race cars during a red flag period: If the car was already on pit road when the red flag was displayed, if the car was towed into the pits and if the car was pushed into the pits during the red flag teams can begin working on their car.

If the car was on track but did not need to be pushed or towed into the pits they will have to wait until the red flag is lifted before coming to pit road to begin work on the car.

Bateman stressed that this was not a rule change, but rather a clarification of a rule already in place.

The announcement comes a week after an incident involving Todd Szegedy’s car owner, Kevin Stuart, that came about due to confusion over the red flag procedures.  As a result of the incident Kevin Stuart was given a three week suspension.

“The 85 team was never suspended,” said Bateman.  “Kevin Stuart was suspended.  If his team chooses to come to race then they can, but he cannot come in the pits.”

Stuart’s team did not travel to Seekonk for the 100-lap event.  They were fourth in points entering Saturday night’s event.

-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Regional Editor (Long Island, NJ, CT) – Twitter: @RobBlount

Jack Bateman Addresses VMRS Red Flag Procedures