Ivey Looking to Turn Fortunes Around at Cherokee

Trent Ivey enjoyed a breakthrough season in 2019, scoring three Dirt Super Late Model wins. With two of those wins coming at Cherokee Speedway (SC), you’d expect “The Lil’ Headknocker” to carry plenty of confidence into Saturday’s ULTIMATE Super Late Model Series at the Gaffney, South Carolina track.




Instead, Ivey is simply looking to turn around what has been a sluggish start to his 2020 campaign with a strong showing at “The Place Your Momma Warned You About.”


“We’ve been really bad lately, struggling with a new car,” Ivey said. “Things are really going to have to change for me to feel much better than I do now about it.”


Ivey missed the A-Main for the Palmetto Invitational earlier in May, a continuation of a season of adversity for the Union, South Carolina native. Right now, Ivey’s primary struggle is figuring out a new race car.


“The biggest issue right now, Longhorn’s come out with a new design on the front end. We’re just having trouble finding the right thing to do with it at the right time. I’m not real comfortable with it yet, everything’s new.”


It’s an unfamiliar battle for the 25-year-old racer, still in his early years in Super Late Model racing. New equipment is a blessing that Ivey hasn’t experience often before now, even if it currently feels like a curse.


“We’ve never really struggled because we’ve never got new cars all the time. Here lately, it’s get a new car, struggle with it, get it figured out, wreck it, get a new car and struggle again. This new stuff is just throwing us for a loop from what we’re used to doing.”


Recent testing gives Ivey confidence as he heads back to Cherokee this weekend for the ULTIMATE Big Chief 40.


“We’ve been doing a lot of testing, trying to get everything where it needs to be. I think we’ve found a good, happy medium going into the race. I feel better.


“It’s definitely been a lot of testing and a lot of people’s help, so hopefully I can turn it around for them this week.”


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-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans
-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo

Ivey Looking to Turn Fortunes Around at Cherokee