Interview With ‘The Rock Star’ Derek Griffith Gets Hairy

When Derek Griffith first came on Speed51’s “The Morning Bullring” on Tuesday, it started as a conversation about his most recent win with the Pro All Stars Series at Thunder Road Speedbowl.  The conversation quickly turned to a hairier topic.


While on the show, a picture appeared from Griffith’s earliest racing days at Hudson Speedway, standing in front of a Volkswagen Golf with long, curly hair. 


Griffith described the setting for the picture from his childhood, as well as the story behind his first car number, “XXX Jr.”


“My dad would run Enduro cars at Hudson Speedway,” Griffth said.  “I think my first time at the track, I was six months old, I’ve got a picture of me sitting in a little baby carriage at Hudson Speedway.  His number was always XXX, no one else had letters instead of numbers.  I watched him run that forever.


“When I turned 12 years old, I didn’t want to play football anymore,” he continued.  “You know what, let’s go racing, dad.  So, he bought a $600 Volkswagen Golf.  We set off to the Kids’ Division at Hudson.  I wanted my number to be like my dad’s. 


“We went out and won our first ever heat race and first ever feature race.  At that point, I knew it was over, we were going to race. “


Soon, the focus of the conversation turned to Griffith’s hair.  When challenged to grow the long hair back out, he didn’t rule out the possibility.


“This is definitely a possibility,” Griffith said.  “At Hudson Speedway, they nicknamed me ‘The Rock Star’ because of the hair.  We’ll see.  If you can get a crazy poll going, I’ll consider it, for sure.”


However, he did warn fans that it might take some time for the hair to grow out to a noticeable length.


“It would probably be five or six months before it’s long enough to be pretty long,” Griffith warned. “Not that long, but it’ll be long.


“If I do end up growing it out, I’ll donate it at the end of the year,” Griffith added.  “I’ll give it to Locks of Love or something.”


However, the long hair will need to clear one obstacle before final approval – Griffith’s girlfriend.


“No,” Griffith said flatly when asked if the significant other would find it attractive.  “She would hate it.  I might be girlfriend-less at the end of the year.”


Nonetheless, a poll posted during the show presents a large number of fans who would love to see a long-haired Derek Griffith by season’s end.  Fans are encouraged to participate in the poll below. 



Will the new look come to pass for Griffith? Only time will tell.


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-Story by: Zach Evans, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Griffith family photo

Interview With ‘The Rock Star’ Derek Griffith Gets Hairy