Indiana Track Announces It’s Closing, Future Looks Bleak

Baer Field Motorsports Park promoter Dave Muzzillo announced Saturday that the Fort Wayne, Indiana multipurpose racing facility would not be operating in 2020 following the end of the facility’s lease by the property owners.

During the 13-minute long announcement made via a Facebook Live video, Muzzillo and his core staff at Baer Field Motorsports Park mixed memories of the facility with the news that the track would be closing. Muzzillo stated that he met with a representative of the company that owns the property two weeks ago, then received a registered letter after PRI stating that the lease would not be renewed.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Muzzillo said. “We were totally blindsided by the whole thing, extremely blindsided. It was a slap in the face.”

According to Muzzillo, the owners of the property no longer wished to be absentee owners of the property and are looking to sell the land the race track sits on. He did not state the price the owners are looking to sell the property for, indicating that the price doesn’t fit his budget.

Baer Field Motorsports Park, located next to Runway 5 at Fort Wayne International Airport, has been in operation since 1964. Both asphalt and dirt races have been held at the multipurpose facility, which features both a 3/8-mile track and half-mile asphalt track. The infield was used for dirt racing for a period of time and a dedicated dirt karting track can be found in the parking lot.

Muzzillo’s other ventures, the ICAR Modified Tour and ICAR Main Event Outlaw Tour, are not affected by the closure of Baer Field Motorsports Park. Muzzillo’s promotion group has operated the facility for the last five years.

The facility will be open on December 31, 2019 from Noon until 4 PM, allowing fans and racers to walk the track for potentially the final time. At Midnight, the lease to the facility ends and it is returned to the property owners.

Muzillo said during the live stream that he doesn’t expect the facility to operate again.

“It would need a knight in shining armor on a white horse to come riding in to save the place.”

-Story by: Patrick Hahe, Speed51 Technology Coordinator

-Photo credit: Speed51

Indiana Track Announces It’s Closing, Future Looks Bleak