Indiana Driver Focused on Snowball Derby Prep in June

The Snowball Derby is the most important race of the year for many drivers, and the Blizzard Series allows them to get in-race experience at Five Flags Speedway (FL) before the first weekend in December rolls around.  That coveted track time prompted one driver to skip a race at his home track to prepare for this weekend’s Rowdy Energy Twin 100s at the half-mile.




Two-time JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour champion Jack Dossey III is a former track champion at Anderson Speedway (IN), and also won his first ARCA/CRA Super Series race at the facility last April.  However, this weekend’s Twin 100s left him and his team with decisions to make with the Snowball Derby in mind, which led to them skipping last Saturday’s race to get ready for Five Flags.


Dossey explained the thought process behind the decision during an interview on Speed51’s “The Bullring.”


“As much as I love Anderson and the track, there’s a lot that goes into it.  The cars could get tore up pretty easily there.  This is a big weekend, not only for me but for the team,” said Dossey.


Dossey has made the trip to the Derby each of the last two years, with different results.  After qualifying second-to-last in 2018, he raced his way into a transfer spot and ultimately finished 17th in the race.  Last December, he failed to make the race after getting caught up in an incident about halfway through the Last Chance race.


“We’re not very good [at Five Flags], this is a great opportunity to get experience, learn the track and get a really good baseline setup.  I think in race trim we’ll be okay, but I’ve still got to qualify into that Snowball Derby.  We just want to have all our ducks in a row and make sure we can be the best we can be this weekend down there.”


Last year’s disappointment has the team making the trip to Florida for the entire Blizzard Series to prepare for the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby.


“We went down there last winter and we were expecting a really good run.  We had a brand-new car and it’s still very nice.  I thought we were doing all the right things and come qualifying night, we just missed it.  That was devastating.


“We raced our way in the first year we went down and last year we weren’t as fortunate to do that.  It’s such a nerve-racking experience to go down there and try to qualify into that race when you’ve got 50 of the best drivers in the world trying to get into it as well.  It’s huge, we really want to have a good showing down there this winter so we’re going to do whatever it takes to try to make sure it happens.”


Missing the ARCA/CRA Super Series race at Anderson will not have an impact on their points situation as they pick and choose where they race at in 2020.  After chasing points in various CRA series five out of the last six years, Dossey is taking the title hunts out of the equation for 2020.


“We’re not really looking to chase points this year.  We kind of agreed that it takes some of the fun out of it.  If you’re trying to go for that extra position or that win there and you get into somebody and they retaliate and take you out, that ruins your points night.  We’re trying to go and make the big shows happen and have as much fun as we can in some big endurance races.”


The pair of 100 lap features planned for this weekend in Pensacola were something that Dossey welcomed when it was announced.  The two races give him the opportunity for 200 laps of racing in one weekend to help prepare for the Snowball Derby in December.


“I think we need more of it, to be honest with you.  When I ran Legends cars years ago, everywhere we went we were racing at least a Friday/Saturday or a Friday/Saturday/Sunday.  I think that it’s great for short track racing.  When we go to a track for three days and we only get to race for 100 laps, it takes the fun out of it.


“This weekend we get to go down there and race 100 laps Friday night, and then we get to sleep on it and go back to the track the next day.  As soon as they announced this, I was very excited, I circled this real big on my calendar and got goosebumps thinking about it.”


The Rowdy Energy Twin 100’s will be broadcasted live this weekend on Speed51, presented by JEGS.  Click here to purchase your PPV tickets for both events.


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-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo


Indiana Driver Focused on Snowball Derby Prep in June