Despite the track and official’s best efforts the inaugural Winter Showdown at Kern County Raceway Park (CA) has been postponed after rain began to fall during driver introductions for the 250 lap race.


Earlier in the day a 40 lap last chance race was held for the Super Late Models with veteran M.K. Kanke leading every lap after taking the top spot from 2002 NASCAR Southwest Tour champion Eddy McKean at the start. Kanke, the 2009 SRL Southwest Tour champion, had to fight off a charging Linny White who came back from a cut tire in one of Friday night’s qualifiers.


David Ross hung on to a third place finish after losing the handle to his car around halfway. The last driver to squeak into the field was Prosser, Washington’s Scott Walker. Walker had issues getting through technical inspection and spun in his qualifier, but passed Texan Chris Davidson for the fourth and final transfer spot. Walker premiered his LFR Chassis for this event, the first time in six years that the 2003 Yakima Speedway (WA) track champion has been in a Late Model.


Pit gates will open at 8a.m. Pacific Time on Sunday morning with spectator gates opening to 10a.m. and the Winter Showdown 250 for $25,000 to win commencing as early as 11a.m.


Click Here to watch a replay from Saturday’s action.


-By Aaron Creed, Correspondent – Twitter: @Aaron_Creed

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Winter Showdown Starting Lineup
1 43 Derek Thorn Fastest in Qualifying
2 26b Bubba Pollard 2nd in Qualifying
3 5s Dalton Sargeant 3rd in Qualifying
4 18 Jim Pettit II 2nd in Qualifier 1
5 26p Preston Peltier 2nd in Qualifier 2
6 16 Jacob Gomes 2nd in Qualifier 3
7 17 David Mayhew 3rd in Qualifier 1
8 31 Jason Fraser 3rd in Qualifier 2
9 6u Dominic Ursetta 3rd in Qualifier 3
10 22e Chris Eggleston 4th in Qualifier 1
11 21 Blaine Rocha 4th in Qualifier 2
12 89 Bobby Hodges 4th in Qualifier 3
13 75 Jeremy Doss 5th in Qualifier 1
14 5g Will Gallaher 5th in Qualifier 2
15 29v Greg Voigt 5th in Qualifier 3
16 19 Brandon White 6th in Qualifier 1
17 11a Dustin Ash 6th in Qualifier 2
18 05 Eric Schmidt 6th in Qualifier 3
19 51 Carlos Vieira 7th in Qualifier 1
20 22g Jonathon Gomez 7th in Qualifier 2
21 7 Johnny White 7th in Qualifier 3
22 20 Tracy Bolin 8th in Qualifier 1
23 66 Darren Bucklen 8th in Qualifier 2
24 6s Donny St. Ours 8th in Qualifier 3
25 81 Darrell Midgley 9th in Qualifier 1
26 77 Toni McCray 9th in Qualifier 2
27 8 Noah Gragson 9th in Qualifier 3
28 37s Keith Spangler 10th in Qualifier 1
29 5w Ryan Wells 10th in Qualifier 2
30 12 Colby Potts 10th in Qualifier 3
31 33 M.K. Kanke 1st Last Chance Qualifier
32 99w Linny White 2nd Last Chance Qualifier
33 57 David Ross 3rd Last Chance Qualifier
34 34 Scott Walker 4th Last Chance Qualifier
35 24 Christian McGhee SRL Owner Provisional
36 37L Mike Longton NW Tri-Track Provisional


Inaugural Winter Showdown Postponed to Sunday