The 2018 short track racing season may be over, but with 2019 fast approaching, there is hardly time for the folks at Buzze Racing to take a break.


One of the newest family owned companies to hit the racing world, this family-founded operation based in Mooresville, NC has become one of the leading providers of drivetrain maintenance and sales.


Under the tutelage of father-son duo Tom and Tommy Buzze, Buzze Racing left their mark all across the short track world in 2018, with customers giving their high praise all the way.


“It’s awesome, it really means the world to us. We try so hard to get everybody the best product we can, to se our guys run good like that, it’s amazing,” Tommy Buzze told “To see them smiling and telling us how great their car was, we just give the best product we can. Whatever you’re running, a Super Late Model, a Pro, a Modified, we do all we can for you.”


While providing excellent in-house service, Buzze Racing’s at track service has become one of the most dependable in short track racing. A point that was proven when early this month a rash of rear-end problems for a number of Late Model teams during the Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway (FL) came about. In the team’s hour of need, Buzze Racing took on the challenge.


“It’s very important and we know that because we race too. When we have a problem we want somebody there to help us fix it. It doesn’t matter if you are a customer or not a customer, we had several at the Derby who were not, they came right up over and asked us to come look at something, check their Gleason, or make sure their spool was locked. We did all that because we just want the best for our guys and have a good time at the racetrack.”


Recently, Buzze Racing has also made great strides in expanding their services to include maintenance and sales on steering and transmissions.


“We do a lot with steering: we do racks, power steering boxes, power steering pumps. We got our own dyno there at the shop. We do transmission rebuild, quick change rebuild, straightening. We have a rental program for nine inches and transmissions for the NASCAR world. We have our axle line, the Max Torque axles that wrap up and give you grip.”


Established to be a leader in the asphalt racing scene, Buzze Racing is also expanding its umbrella to the Dirt Racing world. This includes one of the major new driver-crew chief-owner combos that will be seen in 2019 Dirt Late Model racing.


“We’ve been doing more and more with the dirt. Joey Coulter, Harold Holly crew chief there, and now Brandon Overton is going to be there next year doing their stuff. We’re doing stuff with Chris Fergusson,” Tommy Buzze explained.


“More guys are coming to us, it’s just the same thing we’re doing with asphalt guys. We treat it like it’s ours, every rear-end that goes across our table, doesn’t matter if it’s going in a Cup car or a Mini Stock, it gets straightened no differently. The same tools make sure the centerlines are good, and we are starting to see that. All the little detail makes the difference.”


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-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

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In-House or At-Track, Buzze Racing is There for Race Teams