The Speed51 Open at Millbridge Speedway in Salisbury, North Carolina is one of the most prestigious Outlaw Kart races in the country and draws the attention of racers from all over. Dayne Amyx of Boise, Idaho is no exception as he gets ready to make the cross-country trip from the Potato State to the hub of NASCAR.


This will be the third consecutive year that Amyx has made the cross-country trip to compete and attempt to become at least $5,151 richer; $30,151 richer if he is presented with and accepts the $25,000 “Back Row Bonus” opportunity.


300x250 PPV 2017.05.24 Speed51 Open“Last year we were really good. We qualified really well but we lost the ignition in the heat race and we didn’t quite get it fixed for the B-Main event so we DNF’d. We are looking for a little redemption this year,” Amyx told


Although Amyx gets to hop on a plane for the cross-country flight, his equipment doesn’t have it as easy as its making the trip from Illinois and will meet him at Millbridge Speedway (NC).


“When Jeremy and Ashley did the Indy Invitational, I got hooked up with a guy named Tony Shoaff out of Illinois and he actually invited me to be his driver this year for some of the big races so he’s going to be coming down from Illinois,” he explained.


Every year the competition gets tougher and tougher at this event and Amyx knows that you have to be at the top of your game in order to be in contention for the win.


“Every race you’ve always got to show up and expect that you’re going to win the race otherwise there is really no reason to show up,” Amyx said. “There is a lot of tough competition with the Seavey boys (Tyler and Logan), you’ve got (Tom) Hubert who’s originally from California but is a local out there now. Nick Hoffman has been tearing it up out there and you always get a lot of former Outlaw Kart stars like Tanner Thorson and Holly Shelton that are going to be racing.”


In order to even put himself in contention for the win, Amyx has to make it to the feature event and with all the competition in attendance making it to the A-Main is a miniature victory in itself.


“First things first you have to make the main event which is going to be tough,” he stated. “You’ve got to qualify well and be in the top two from the heat races to go to the main event so you’ve really got to get up and go in the heat races.”


With high hopes and redemption his mind, Amyx will be one to watch as the Idaho driver takes on Millbridge Speedway looking for his first Speed51 Open title.


“Its not going to be easy but I think we can do it. We were in a good position last year before we lost the ignition so hopefully we can try and repeat that but keep the car on the track. “


Fans unable to make it to Millbridge Speedway on May 23-24 will be able to watch Amyx via a live pay-per-view broadcast on Live video tickets can be purchased today by clicking here.


-By Hannah Newhouse, Southeast Correspondent

-Photo credit: Dayne Amyx

Idaho Racer Making 2,500 Mile Trip for Speed51 Open