Three months ago, leading into Florida Speedweeks, introduced a new brand of coverage called “Speed Central.”  Thus far, many Short Track Racing fans have offered positive reviews of the new form of coverage; other race fans have asked questions such as, “What exactly is Speed Central?”


Today, we’re going to answer that question and offer a step-by-step guide on how to use the Speed Central coverage on


graphic mobile app 2016-1In a nutshell, Speed Central allows race fans to view the most pertinent information surrounding a Short Track Racing event including qualifying times, starting lineups and feature results.


Speed Central has not and will not replace 51’s popular Trackside Now coverage.  Instead, it allows Short Track Racing fans to still find the important information that they’re looking for while also allowing the 51 staff to provide enhanced coverage of the sport through other forms of media.


Like 51’s Trackside Now coverage, the Speed Central coverage on is updated throughout the race day.


The first updates of the day normally come in the “Weather,” “The Track,” “Title Fight,” “Who to Watch For” and “Event Schedule” categories.  These categories help to set the scene for the full day of racing and allows  race fans to get a glimpse of what is on tap.


Next up is the “Car Count” and “Entry List” categories.  Race fans are always asking, “How many cars are there?”  We try to answer that question as soon as we can in our Speed Central coverage by providing both the amount of cars in the pit area and a full driver roster provided by the track/series.


Throughout the day, the “Notebook” section of the Speed Central is updated with unique notes from the pit area, as well as feature winners from other divisions competing at the track during the day.  This is always a good place to look for the behind-the-scenes updates that 51 has been known for providing throughout the years.


As the day goes on and portions of the event are completed such as time trials, heat races and consolation races, 51’s Speed Central posts results as they become available.


At the end of the day, Speed Central allows race fans to quickly get caught up on everything that happened.  “What Won the Race” provides a quick one-two sentence description of what won the race and “The Skinny” serves as a quick recap of what happened during the main event.


Speed Central coverage on also gives race fans unique information such as “The Winning Quote,” as well as the winner’s chassis manufacturer, engine builder, brand of shocks and crew chief.  Race fans can also visit the on-demand coverage after the race to find out who was “On the Move” (gained the most positions) and who was the “Biggest Loser” (lost the most positions) during the race.


The most important thing to remember with the Speed Central coverage is to refresh the web page throughout the day.  There is now a time stamp on each page that will allow race fans to see when the last update was posted within the coverage.


Like with anything, we understand that change isn’t always easy to adjust to.  We at are confident that all Short Track Racing fans will soon become accustomed to Speed Central and will find it as a valuable resource on race day.


-By Brandon Paul, Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51


How to Use’s Speed Central Coverage