Hometown Driver Joins Jett for Blizzard Finale, Snowball Derby

Local Five Flags Speedway favorite Logan Boyett is set to team up with a Florida powerhouse for the Blizzard Series finale and the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby to close out 2020.  The Pensacola driver joins Jett Motorsports in a team car to fellow Sunshine State standouts Stephen Nasse and Jeff Choquette to tackle the two biggest Super Late Model races on the Five Flags Speedway calendar.


The partnership between Boyett and Jett Motorsports has been years in the making, with the two sides communicating even while Boyett drove for Jamie Yelton’s Fathead Racing in Five Flags Speedway events over the last couple years.


“One of their sponsors had talked to me a while back and said that Pat (Jett) had expressed interest in talking to us and trying to work something out.  They have faith in me and what we’ve done in our own stuff and in anybody else’s equipment,” Boyett told Speed51.  “They had faith in me as a driver.  We talked some here and there and we kept talking a little bit more.  We had an agreement with Jamie (Yelton) and even Mr. Pat said don’t break any agreement you’ve got with anybody.”


The door to join Jett Motorsports finally opened after Boyett and Yelton parted ways following a crash on practice day before the third Blizzard Series race on July 31.  There are no hard feelings between the two, with Boyett noting it was a mutual business decision.


“When that last crash happened in Jamie’s car we stepped back and looked at everything and decided to cut ties there before there were any major problems between us or something like that.  I’ve got nothing bad to say about Fathead Racing or Jamie and their family, they’ve treated us like family.  They still do, just like last Saturday at Hickory.  They acted like nothing ever happened.”


Boyett and Jett Motorsports have already gone to work to prepare for next weekend’s Blizzard Series finale, with Boyett visiting the shop located just south of Jacksonville on Monday and taking part in their first test session on Wednesday.  Boyett is already impressed with the environment the team provides.


“Just testing with this organization today and being at their shop Monday, it’s a comfortable environment just like it was up there.  It’s a comfortable environment and it’s serious, everybody means business and they don’t take this stuff lightly.  They have a good time, they jack around with each other and joke around, everybody gets along.  They demand a lot out of their drivers and a lot out of each other.  I feel like we’re in a great place to be.”


While this year’s partnership will consist of just two races, Boyett hopes they can extend it to 2021 with Five Flags Speedway events, with traveling not completely out of the conversation.  With 2020 his sole focus, he enters Saturday’s race with a newfound confidence he hasn’t seen in some time.


“We’re going to try to make the most of the time that we’ve got and try this route with Jett and try consistently racing up front.  With any of their drivers, they show a lot of promise.  I feel like I can do a decent job behind the wheel, and some people think I can do better than a decent job, but I don’t like to blow myself up.


“Having my guys and family and everybody support me like they do, and then to hear these guys feel near the same way, it puts a lot of confidence in a team and in me when I’ve been seriously lacking some of it in the last couple years.”


Boyett would love nothing more than to score a Super Late Model win at his home track, whether it be a Blizzard Series race or in the biggest race in the country.  While he is a past champion in the Pro Trucks at Five Flags, his best finish to date in a Super Late Model is a third, coming back in 2012.


He feels that joining Jett Motorsports gives him his best opportunity yet to run up front and possibly score that elusive win at the half-mile


“It would mean the absolute world to me.  It’s something I’ve worked on since the first time I’ve sat in a Late Model, let alone a Super Late Model, to get a Super win.  It’s been since 2010 since I’ve won a Pro Late Model race, it’s the only real Late Model race I’ve won besides when I go to Carolina and run that 602 Late Model.  It’s a whole different animal running down here in the Blizzard Series than it is up there.


“Even running in the top-three like I know we can and that I know what I can do.  Pulling out the checkered flag and a trophy would be the ultimate goal, but starting off on the right foot, showing progress and running in the top-three, top-four would be lights out for us, especially with how the last couple years have gone off and on.”


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo

Hometown Driver Joins Jett for Blizzard Finale, Snowball Derby