Monroe, WA —  It was the 60th Anniversary Reunion Night at the Races on Saturday June 7 at Evergreen Speedway. The Genie Terex presented by NAPA Auto Parts 75 for the Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Models presented by Emerald City Harley-Davidson of Lynnwood was won by Mike Holden. The Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stock/Outlaw compact main was won by Scott Burby. Doug Wilkinson won the Outlaw Figure 8 Main and Lance O’Grain won the Buzz Inn Steakhouse feature. A big crowd with over 200 of the past racers and employees treated to a free night at the race track. The next 10 were added to the previous 50 Best Ever List and received a nice plaque to commemorate their being on the list of 60.

Mike Holden won his second of the season as he was able to grab the lead with an outside pass on Tom Moriarity who led the first 35 laps. Once Holden got the lead he never gave it up even after two double file restarts in the final stages of the 75-lap race. Shane Harding finished second in his old car, saving the new one for the Summer Showdown on June 27 & 28. Third went to Tom Moriarity, fourth went to Daniel Moore and fifth to Naima Lang. Nineteen cars showed for this special night. Next up for the Super Late Models is the $100,000.00 Summer Showdown presented by Coors Light on the BIG track June 27 & 28. This is the biggest payday for this type of race on the West Coast and ever at Evergreen Speedway. Over 50 cars are expected.

The Mini-Stock/Outlaw Compact main winner Scott Burby survived a spin and door hit to win his first this season. Having to go to the back after the incident Burby took very little time to get back to second. Staying on Bobby DeYoung’s bumper for a few laps. Suddenly DeYoung slowed and Burby grabbed the lead. DeYoung had a front tire that had gone flat and survived the final laps running on the rim to finish third behind Andrew Schukar who survived and airborne incident as he got together with Devin Kessler who finished fourth. Fifth position went to Eric Angeledes.

Getting his first win as an Outlaw Figure 8 driver Doug Wilkinson made a last lap last turn drive to get by Nick Gunderson. Gunderson finished second. Third place went Mike Steltz who led most of the race only to spin in traffic with a few laps to go in the 50-lap event. Fourth and fifth were Steve Cox and Zach Larson respectively. After the post-race inspection Wilkinson’s car was disqualified. Everyone is moved up a position with Gunderson the winner.

Former Stinger 8 champion Lance O’Grain drove the JJ Edwards car to victory. O’Grain showed that he has not lost his Stinger 8 ability that took him to the 2011 championship. Second went to point leader and rookie contender Toby Jenkins. Jason Wilson was third with Joselyn LaFleur fourth and Matt Somerville fifth.

Next up at Evergreen Speedway on Saturday June 14 is the Annual KISW 99.9 60 Minutes of FEAR for the Figure 8 cars. The Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8’s, Interstate Batteries Hornets and Vintage Modifieds are also in action. Racing starts at 6pm. For more information go to or call 360-805-6100.

Evergreen Speedway June 7 Official Finish:

Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Models (75-laps 3/8-mile oval) (position-car #-name-laps completed): 1-32 Mike Holden 75; 2-39 Shane Harding 75; 3-12 Tom Moriarity 75; 4-16 Daniel Moore 75; 5-00 Naima Lang 75; 6-65 Tyler Tanner 75; 7-20 Andy Sole 75; 8-07 Jeff Knight 75; 9-75 Brandon Scheiber 75; 10-89 Doni Wanat 75; 11-26 Jason Kooy 75; 12-90 Molly Helmuth 75; 13-18 John Bender 74; 14-1 Shane Sawin 72; 15-9 Kelly Mann 34; 16-10 John Boyatt 19; 17-3 Brion Philley 8; 18-30 Tyler Baker 4; 19-09 Timothy Minister 1

Foster Press NASCAR mini-Stocks/Outlaw Compacts (30-laps 3/8-mile oval) (position-car #-name-laps completed): 1-41 Scott Burby 30; 2-07 Andrew Schukar 30; 3-65 Bobby DeYoung 30; 4-18 Devin Kessler 30; 5-05 Eric Angeledes 30; 6-55 Kenny McCoy 30; 7-18k AJ Verdugo 29; 8-27 Kyle Howry 29; 9-11x Kenny Schukar 29; 10-16 Travis Woodward 28; 11-44t Brian Taylor 19; 12-11c Chad Sinner 14; 13-5 Brad Thomas 13; 14-76 Mark Creager 13; 15-6 Drew Hawthorne 13; 16-24 Trenton Moriarity 13; 17-13 Douglas Hinds 13

Outlaw Figure 8’s (50-laps Figure 8) (position-car #-name-laps completed): 1-33 Nick Gunderson 50; 2-67 Mike Steltz 50; 3-7 Steve Cox 50; 4-83 Zach Larson 49; 5-74 Chris Curtis 49; 6-75 Mike Middleton 49; 7-17 Tommy Gapp 49; 8-50 John Carlson 44; 9-38 Chris Harrison 18; 10-76 Ricky Dietz 15; 11-45 Jake Repin 10; 12-55 Doug Wilkinson DQ’ed

Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8’s (30-laps Figure 8) (position-car #-name-laps completed): 1-84 Lance O’Grain 30; 2-11 Toby Jenkins 30; 3-50 Jason Wilson 30; 4-06 Joselyn LaFleur 30; 5-21 Matt Somerville 30; 6-04 Jessica Gray 29; 7-07 Zach Bristol 28; 8-13 Tyler Draper 27; 9-37 Robert Martin 26

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Holden Wins 60th Anniversary 75 at Evergreen Speedway