The Sherwood name has been well-known in the Northeast and throughout the Modified industry for more than a quarter century.  Lee Sherwood was a legend at the former Shangri-La Speedway (NY), winning five track championships, with added moderate success on the Race of Champions and NASCAR Modified tours.  The elder Allen Sherwood has operated a business repairing and fabricating new and custom built race wheels since 1990.


Not too long ago, Bryan Sherwood, an avid hockey player in his teens, moved up the ranks in the world of short track competition.  Some favorable outcomes were featured from nearly the beginning including wins in a Sportsman ride in New York’s southern tier, but increase in results has been at a gradual pace in the jump to a full-blown Tour Modified.


51TV-RoC-Lancaster-Ol-Boy-2016Prior to this year, the 24-year-old had not finished better than seventh in his six top-10 finishes in just over 30 RoC starts, but the perseverance from the group of family and friends is starting to pay off with their classic looking livery.


“We’ve upgraded the equipment, worked hard on the cars, and finally learned a lot of the race tracks,” Sherwood told powered by JEGS following a second top five finish of 2016 at Lake Erie Speedway.  “I think it’s all starting to come together.”


As the performances continue to improve, Sherwood may not have been as far along as he currently is without the support as well as driving and mechanical expertise from his father Lee.


“My dad is the biggest help by far,” Sherwood commented.  “I get to use his setup book.  He’s been to all of these places, and we have a great crew.  We are a small team.  We don’t have the biggest budget, but I think we’re doing alright right now.”


While many at the Modified level have the opportunity to build upon acquiring new chassis and updated parts fairly often, Sherwood has been mainly piloting a ride that has a good amount of history behind it.


“This is actually my dad’s car we have been running,” Sherwood indicated.  “It’s an ’04 and it was the last car that he had.  It basically sat for three or four years and we dusted it off.  We planned on really only taking it to Mahoning (PA) and it ran really well down there.  We took it to the next one and really ran well (finished fourth) at Oswego (NY).”


Although they are starting to earn success with the older machine, the group has been working towards preparing a new car for its debut later in the season.


The momentum Sherwood and team have going for them, despite a couple small hiccups during the early part of the season, has their heads held high for future results.  At the same time, the expectations continue to be realistic.


“We’re meeting some of our goals right now,” Sherwood evaluated.  “We obviously want to run up front and we always aim for top 10s and top fives.  At most places I think we are capable of doing that.”


Next up will be the second running of the Ol’ Boy Cup 60 at Lancaster National Speedway (NY), a facility in which Sherwood has somewhat struggled at in the past, including dealing with motor issues in May that allowed for hardly any track time.


“Lancaster is not one of my better places so we have to work on that a little bit, but I know everything is headed in the right direction,” Sherwood optimistically said.  “I know everything is coming together and we’ll be good.  We just have to keep it rolling and keep aiming for top fives right now.  I know a win will come.”


Fans can watch Bryan Sherwood and a whole lot more Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series stars on Thursday, June 30 as the Ol’ Boy Cup 60 will be broadcast live on Speed51 TV.


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-By Aaron Creed, Central NY & PA Editor – Twitter: @aaron_creed

-Photo credit: Canfield

Hockey Player Turned Modified Racer Starting to Find Success