BECHTELSVILLE, PA. — Kevin Hirthler, Kory Fleming and Kenny Gilmore were all repeat winners in their respective features on Saturday night at Grandview Speedway in the activities sponsored by T.P. Trailers, Limerick.


Kevin Hirthler and Todd Smith put on quite a battle on numerous occasions in the T.P. Trailers NASCAR Whelen Modified 30-lap feature. During the closing stages of the event Doug Manmiller forced Hirthler to step his program up. “I heard someone close behind me and I didn’t know who it was, but found out when he put his nose upfront.” Hirthler credited fellow racer Rick Laubach in helping him with the shock program and his advice in getting the car to work better.


The 25-lap NASCAR BRC Late Model feature saw Fleming and Chuck Schutz in a heated battle for first before Fleming motored ahead for good with two laps to go to chalk up the victory.


Gilmore was able to keep current point leader Brett Kressley, who started dead last in the 25-lap NASCAR Sportsman feature, behind him the last three laps to capture a well-deserved triumph.


The A-feature for Blast from the Past Vintage cars, 12 laps, went to Kevin Kuser while Mike Garris, Jr. took the second 12-lapper.


On Tuesday, June 2nd the United States Auto Club wingless sprint cars along with the American Racing Drivers Club wingless midgets will take part in the annual Jesse Hockett Memorial Classic featuring top racers from across the nation. Racing will start at 7:30 p.m. Adult admission is $25.


The rained out Checkered Flag Fan Club visit from a couple weeks back is set for Saturday June 6th as part of Bashore Trucking/BFP Specialties Night. A 40-lap feature for the NASCAR Sportsman racers will be a highlight of the night along with T.P.Trailers NASCAR 358 Modifieds and BRC Late Models. Adult admission will be $20 while youngsters 5 through 11 will pay just $5 and under 5 will be admitted free.


The onset of the 30-lap Modified feature saw Smith, who started on the pole, take the early lead and set the pace for five laps until Hirthler put his self-owned No. 117 sponsored by Pioneer Pole Building/Green Lane/William Penn/4-Star Lettering in the top spot.


The yellow was thrown on the eighth lap when Mike Gular spun in the third turn. The restart was brought back to the line when third-place runner Ray Swinehart broke going out of the first turn with Ryan Grim collected in the mishap. Grim rejoined the action, but Swinehart was through for the night. Hirthler barely held onto first when action resumed since Smith didn’t leave him go on without a fight. Behind them Don Norris Jr., Glenn Strunk and Manmiller jockeyed for positions.


Hirthler did manage to build up a commanding lead by the 16th lap with the order behind him that was bumper-to-bumper the same.


Craig Von Dohren, the current point leader, found himself facing the wrong direction in the fourth turn for the 17th lap caution that also involved Mike Laise, who had nowhere to go. Duane Howard was placed to the rear for initiating the incident. Hirthler, on the outside and Smith, down low put on quite a battle for first on the restart and this allowed Manmiller to get in the mix despite Hirthler once again pulling away.


Manmiller closed in on Hirthler by the 22nd lap and this caused Hirthler to change his game plan when he was pressured. Tim Buckwalter, Norris Jr. and G. Strunk anticipated a slip-up by anyone in hopes of advancement.


Hirthler was successful in keeping a hard-charging Manmiller at bay to go on to claim his 10th career victory chased across the line by Manmiller, Buckwalter, Norris Jr. and G. Strunk. Sixth through tenth were Kyle Weiss, Frank Cozze, John Willman, Nate Christman, the Cargo Trailers certificate recipient and Howard.


Heat winners were Weiss, Danny Erb and Hirthler. Jarrad Miller won the consi.


Missing from action was defending champion Jeff Strunk who suffered a rotator cuff injury last week in a non-racing mishap. He hopes after taking off a week and resting that he can return quickly.


Lou Egrie Jr. took the early lead in the 25-lap Late Model feature trailed by Steve Gross, Bill Henning, Fleming and Joe Fanelli.


The real battle behind Egrie was for second between Henning and Fleming with Schutz joining in by lap eight.


Egrie Jr. had some breathing room while Fleming and Schutz swapped the runner-up spot back and forth.


Lap 13 was a lucky one for Fleming as he now managed to be in control. Two laps later Schutz was second setting his sights on Fleming.


On the 19th lap late week’s feature winner Randy Stoudt, who started 12th and worked his way to third, hit the first turn infield tire with such force it knocked the entire nose piece off to bring out the yellow. Egrie Jr. was also out of contention when he sidelined with a flat tire. Fleming remained in front on the restart with Schutz giving him no room to falter.


Coming off the fourth turn to complete lap 22, Fleming had a push and Schutz dove underneath him to become the new leader. That didn’t last long as Fleming was back in front the next time around.


Fleming held on to first the remaining laps to claim the win followed by Schutz, Sean Merkel, Wayne Pfeil and Dan Green. Fanelli, Kyle Merkel, substituting for Buddy Mertz; Henning, Gross and Tony Giglio, who received the Cargo Trailers certificate, rounded out the top ten.


S. Merkel and Stoudt were the heat winners.


In the 25-lap Sportsman feature Paul Houseknecht led for three laps before Ryan Lilick took over first.


While Ryan led the way his brother Kyle, Houseknecht, Brian Hirthler and Sean Weiss completed the top five.


Gilmore advanced to second by the eighth lap and set sail after Lilick.


By the 14th lap the pair were side-by-side and Gilmore emerged as the new leader on lap 15. Behind Gilmore and R. Lilick the order now consisted of Brett Kressley, Craig Whitmoyer and Hirthler.


Kressley overtook second with three to go and now the battle began.


Gilmore didn’t leave Kressley get the edge and was in victory lane again. Chasing him across were Kressley, R. Lilick, Whitmoyer and Hirthler. Sixth through tenth were Jordan Henn, Brad Arnold, Joe Funk III, Dean Bachman and Mike Lisowski, last week’s feature winner.


Bachman, Weiss and Hirthler won the heats.


Mike Garris Jr. and Kevin Kuser were the winners in the two 12-lap Blast From the Past Vintage Car features.


-Grandview Speedway Press Release & Photo


Grandview Speedway NWAAS Unofficial Results

Saturday, May 30

T.P. Trailers NASCAR 358 Modified Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Kevin Hirthler, 2. Doug Manmiller, 3. Tim Buckwalter, 4. Don Norris Jr., 5. Glenn Strunk, 6. Kyle Weiss, 7. Frank Cozze, 8. John Willman, 9. Nate Christman, 10. Duane Howard, 11. Mike Gular, 12. Danny Erb, 13. Craig Von Dohren, 14. Erick Biehn, 15. Mike Kellner, 16. Tommy Scheetz III, 17. Brian Houseknecht, 18. Mike Laise, 19. Mike Bailey, 20. Todd Smith, 21. Ryan Kunkle, 22. Ryan Grim, 23. Meme DeSantis, 24. Jared Umbenhauer, 25. Ray Swinehart, 26. Kyle Borror, 27. Ron Haring Jr., 28. Jarrad Miller. DNQ: Bobby Gunther-Walsh, Ron Seltmann Jr., and Mark Kratz.

T.P. Trailers Night NASCAR BRC Late Model Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Kory Fleming, 2. Chuck Schutz, 3. Sean Merkel, 4. Wayne Pfeil, 5. Dan Green, 6. Joe Fanelli, 7. Kyle Merkel, 8. Bill Henning, 9. Steve Gross, 10. Tony Giglio, 11. Steve Wilson, 12. Randy Stoudt, 13. Lou Egrie Jr., 14. John Giesler, 15. Rick Todorow, 16. Dave Ogin. DNS: Cory Merkel.

T.P. Trailers Night NASCAR Sportsman Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Kenny Gilmore, 2. Brett Kressley, 3. Ryan Lilick, 4. Craig Whitmoyer, 5. Brian Hirthler, 6. Jordan Henn, 7. Brad Arnold, 8. Joe Funk III, 9. Dean Bachman, 10. Mike Lisowski, 11. Paul Kline, 12. Jim Housworth, 13. Kyle Lilick, 14. Erik Renninger, 15. Ken Eckert Jr., 16. Ryan Beltz, 17. Jason Neidlinger, 18. Sean Weiss, 19. Mike Lisowski, 20. Steve Warner, 21. Brett Gilmore, 22. Tom Miller, 23. Paul Houseknecht, 24. Mark Kemmerer, 25. Mike Koffel, 26. Nathan Mohr.

Blast From The Past Vintage Cars A Feature (12 Laps): 1. Kevin Kuser, 2. Vince Gagliardo Jr., 3. Dennis Drain, 4. Chris Miller, 5. Brett Peters, 6. Kevin Barndt, 7. Dave Smith, 8. Cale Mutter.

Blast From The Past Vintage Cars B Feature (12 Laps): 1. Mike Garris Jr., 2. Mike Garris Sr., 3. Rick Mutter, 4. Hank Heimbach, 5. Wyatt Jacous, 6. Tom Orth, 7. Kerry Breon, 8. Robert Hall, 9. Bill Gerhart

Hirthler and Smith Put On Quite the Battle at Grandview