Saturday night’s wild incident at North Carolina’s Bowman Gray Stadium left team owner David Hill in a Winston-Salem area hospital on Saturday night, and Modified driver Joe Ryan Osborne in a local jail.  After an incident on the race track, Hill approached Osborne in the pit area.  Osborne eventually started doing donuts in the pit area with Hill holding onto the race car.


Hill left the hospital around 5 a.m. ET on Sunday morning.  Osborne was released by the local authorities around 1:30 a.m. ET on Sunday morning.


CabarrusOn Monday afternoon powered by JEGS spoke with Hill to get his side of what happened in the Bowman Gray pit area on Saturday night.


“It all had stemmed from week one,” Hill said.  “Every week he’s hitting us.  After the race I decided I was going to go over there and talk to him.”


Hill approached Osborne’s No. 27 Modified owned by Bob Nelson and leaned into Osborne’s window to talk to him.  Osborne told 51 that Hill and five other crew members were trying to get at him inside his race car and that Hill’s truck driver was trying to undo his seat belts to get him out of the car.  According to Hill, none of that is true.


“That part there is absolutely false,” said Hill.  “When I went over there, the video will show it was only me at the race car at that time.  About five seconds in he starts revving the motor up.  He takes off dragging me.  When he did my arm got caught in the fender and the tire.  When he started spinning it burned all the hide off my elbow.  The part about five or six people on his race car and my truck driver reaching in to undo his seat belts, the video only shows one person.  The video shows me flying through the air.”


Hill said he eventually did grab onto Osborne’s helmet, as Osborne said, just to hold onto something.


“I wished I’d have let go then,” said Hill, “but he might have run over me then.”


The rest of Hill’s crew members didn’t get to Osborne’s car until after Osborne was back in his pit stall, according to Hill.  Hill added that nobody else had gotten near the driver’s side of Osborne’s car other than him.


“The cops were standing right there at that point and they were on the driver’s side,” he said.  “Nobody got to the driver’s side after that.  The only person that got to the driver’s side was me and that was before he spun me off.”


After Hill was thrown to the ground he said he never went back over to Osborne’s car, but was instead attended to by the track medical crew.


“After he did his donuts I never got to the car,” he said.  “My hand was bleeding, and my arms were bleeding.”


Hill said he doesn’t understand what has caused the bad blood between Osborne and his team this year.  Osborne drove for Hill at Bowman Gray Stadium and on the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour for parts of last season.  Osborne also dated Hill’s daughter last year as well.


“Last year he drove my car, but I don’t know if he’s mad that he can’t afford my race car and he’s not driving my race car and now he’s taking it out on (David) Calabrese because he’s driving,” Hill said. “None of this has anything to do with David Calabrese.  None of this has anything to do with James Civali (who raced the car on Saturday night).  I don’t know if he’s mad that he can’t afford it, his daddy won’t put the money out.  I don’t know.


“All I know is we told him the week before that we could wreck cars every week.  And I told him that’s one thing he doesn’t want to get into with me, because we have a shop full of them.  Then he goes the very next weekend and the first thing he does is spins us out.”


Osborne has a court appearance scheduled for next month.  As of now, no penalties have been made public by NASCAR or Bowman Gray Stadium.  When asked how this would impact future events between the Hill Racing Enterprises team, David Hill, and Joe Ryan Osborne, Hill said that nothing will change on his end going forward.  However, Hill added that he has no plans to talk to Osborne yet.


“If he wants to talk, you know.  But right now I don’t want to talk to him because if you look at his Facebook page he’s saying ‘Hey I’m out of jail and I’m back at my shop working’ and he has that little smile on his face,” Hill said.  “He has no clue what kind of danger he put everybody into.  Until someone makes him figure that out I don’t need to be talking to him.  I think he’s a spoiled rotten kid that has had everything handed to him.”


After racing with Osborne last year, and seeing Osborne away from the track a lot, Hill said he doesn’t understand how things have gotten to this point.


“I would have never expected this out of him.  That’s why I was so shocked when he took off with me.  It was very shocking.”


-By Rob Blount, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Tommy Lancaster photo

-Video Credit: Susan Hill

Hill Recalls ‘Madhouse’ Pit Incident That Sent Him to Hospital