For much of Thursday’s first 30-lap Super DIRTcar Series feature at Volusia County Speedway (FL) it appeared that Justin Haers would be celebrating in victory lane on the frontstretch. But his hopes at a win went up in flames. Then it seemed like Stewart Friesen would score himself another gator trophy, but his chance at the win fell flat.


Meanwhile, Tyler Siri didn’t catch on fire and was fully inflated and found himself in victory lane for the first time in his Super DIRTcar Series career.


300x250 STSS Live Network Races 2017“This is real special,” Siri told after the race. “This place is real tough. It’s fast. You really have to be on your game down here. I used to come down here to watch and think, ‘Man it would be cool to get a gator.’ To come down here and do it is just awesome.”


Siri, the owner of New York’s Outlaw Speedway, started in the second position and just hung out in the top three for much of the race.


Polesitter Justin Haers led the first 23 laps before smoke started to pour out of his car and flames started shooting out from underneath the engine compartment.


That handed the lead over to Stewart Friesen who had charged up to second from the seventh starting position.


Friesen held the lead for just two laps before his right-rear tire went flat entering turn one. Friesen came to a stop high above the racing line, resulting in another caution flag.


Siri was the benefactor of Friesen’s bad luck, as he inherited the lead with Tim McCreadie and Danny Johnson now behind him.


The 40-year-old driver held on for four more laps and pulled away from McCreadie, Wednesday’s World of Outlaws Late Models feature winner, to score his first Super DIRTcar Series feature win.


“We beat the best in the business,” said Siri. “I was hoping for a top five. I figured that would be great, but tonight was our night.”


The coolest part for Siri wasn’t beating who he beat, but instead it’s adding one of the famous gator trophies to his collection back home.


“Those things are just badass trophies,” he said. “That’s awesome. That’s pretty cool.”


-By Rob Blount, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

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Super DIRTcar Series Wednesday Feature

Volusia Speedway Park, Barberville, Florida

Unofficial Results

1 5S Tyler Siri
2 39 Tim McCreadie
3 43 Jimmy Horton
4 27J Danny Johnson
5 42P Pat Ward
6 6H Max McLaughlin
7 85 HJ Bunting III
8 74 JR Heffner
9 9 Ryan Watt
10 99L Larry Wight
11 5 Ryan Godown
12 30M Joseph Watson
13 88 Mike Mahaney
14 20 Brett Hearn
15 91 Billy Decker
16 25R Erick Rudolph
17 19M Jesse Mueller
18 118 Jim Britt
19 44 Stewart Friesen
20 46 Jeremy Smith
21 1 Billy Pauch
22 3 Justin Haers
23 165 Rex King Jr.
24 98H Jimmy Phelps
25 9S Matt Sheppard
26 32 Jim Rasey


Hey Siri: Tyler Finds His Way to First Super DIRTcar Victory