Running on minimal sleep, Cody Haskins and his team wanted to use the season opener at Greenville Pickens (SC) as an opportunity to shake down a newly built car. Little did they know they wouldn’t be sleeping anytime soon as they celebrated twin victories in Greenville’s Late Model Stock Car (LMSC) division Saturday evening.


“We finished the car Thursday night and I had a total of six hours of sleep last night so we were kind of in a rush last week. It’s a new Hedgecock car. Jay helped me put it together and get it set up for Greenville. First time we sat in it was Friday we got about 30-40 laps,” Haskins told powered by JEGS.


TS Mobile AppFortunately, their lack of sleep and hard work would be rewarded with minimal work to be done at the track.


“We unloaded on old tires and were about as quick, and anyone else was on new tires. Sat on the pole with a 19.58 and second was a seventy so we had the pole by almost two tenths. Ended up winning both races.”


The Georgia driver is hoping to take the momentum from the two victories into the CARS Tour season as he plans to run the full schedule in the LMSC division.


“We actually didn’t plan on running that one (Greenville); we were just shaking the car down,” Haskins stated. “We are going to try and run the CARS Tour this year so we will be at Concord this weekend, so we are trying to get the car prepped for that. I think we are just going to primarily focus on the CARS Tour.”


Fans can plan to see Haskins at more than just the 12 scheduled CARS Tour events as he plans on making appearances at multiple tracks.


“We will pick and choose some races,” he said. “We will go to Hickory and do some Myrtle Beach stuff again and now since we are leading Greenville’s championship we will try and run all of those when it doesn’t conflict with the CARS Tour schedule.”


Don’t be surprised to see Haskins behind the wheel of a Super Late Model in the near future as the driver is looking to get back to his roots at some point this season.


“I grew up racing Pros and Supers and the tracks here in Georgia really struggled, so I was forced into Late Model Stocks but we’ve had some pretty good success. I am looking to get back into a super with a team or rent a car for down here for maybe some Southern Super Series Stuff.”


Before his jumps in a Super Late Model, Haskins’ 2017 CARS Tour season kicks off at Concord Speedway March 11 for the Circle Track Warehouse 200. CARS Tour will implement new race strategies like “live” pit stops and group qualifying for their season-opening race.


-By Hannah Newhouse, Southeast Correspondent

-Photo credit: Greenville-Pickens Facebook




Haskins Grabs Two Wins While Shaking Down Car at Greenville