Hank Thomas Performance will award a $100 Merchandise Gift Certificate to the 5th place finishing Mod-Lite during the July 13th 2014 S.M.R.T. event at Ace Speedway. There must be at least 5 Mod-Lite entries in the race to activate this award.

Hank Thomas Performance will also offer the use of 5 wheels for the first Mod-Lite car competing at the June 13th 2014 S.M.R.T. event at Ace Speedway to respond to Hank Thomas Performance. After the event, any damaged or marked wheels will be invoiced at $100.00 each. All undamaged and unmarked wheels can be returned at no charge or purchased at $100.00 each.

More to come at Hickory July 5th

Hank Thomas Performance Offers Mod-Lite Bonus at Ace