The Super Late Model racing season officially kicks off this weekend with Speedfest 2015 at Watermelon Capital Speedway in Cordele, Georgia.  Heavy hitters from across the Southeast region and beyond will be traveling to the 3/8-mile D-shaped oval in hopes of picking up their first win (or in Bubba Pollard’s case, his second) of the 2015 season.


Recently, the staff put on their oddsmakers hats to sort out the favorites and the underdogs for the big event.  As always with this popular feature on 51, there is no disrespect meant with these odds.  The odds are simply based off of past performances and have been created for fans to have some fun leading up to the event.


So now we ask, based upon these odds who would you put your money on for Sunday’s 200-lap ARCA/CRA Super Series main event?


Let us know on our Five Star Race Car Bodies Facebook Feed and then tune into 51 TV to find out who comes out on top.


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3 to 1 – The Favorites

John Hunter Nemechek, Chase Elliott, Bubba Pollard


5 to 1 – The Front Runners

David Ragan, Anderson Bowen


7 to 1 – Keep an Eye On

Chad Finley, Harrison Burton, Russell Fleeman


10 to 1 – Good Money

Kyle Grissom, Scotty Ellis, Paul Shafer, Jr., Austin Wayne Self, Kyle Plott, Todd Gilliland, Scotty Ellis


12 to 1 – Contenders

Brandon Oakley, Dominique Van Wieringen, Cole Timm


15 to 1 – Under the Right Conditions

Dalton Armstrong, Kyle McCallum, Jimmy Doyle, Kyle Bryant, Justin Ashburn


20 to 1 – Would Pay Off Well

Jordan Ives, Steve Renner, Jordan Pruitt, Ron Young, John Coffman Staff Story

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Handicapping the Field: Speedfest at Watermelon Capital