There’s a reason why the masterminds in Vegas don’t offer odds on the Oxford 250; the race is a handicapper’s worst nightmare.  With over 70 drivers expected to enter the race, there’s legitimately 50 drivers with a shot at taking home the $25,000-plus paycheck.


S 51 TV Network redDespite how challenging we knew it would be, the staff at powered by JEGS decided to take the bull by the horns and try to handicap this year’s field.  It wasn’t an easy task, but it was one that needed to be done.


We ranked the drivers straight up, not considering the draw and heat race aspect of the Oxford 250.  Previous performances in Super Late Model competition, the Oxford 250 and at Oxford Plains Speedway were factored into these odds.


The odds listed below are meant to be fun and at no point are we playing down any one’s talent.  The odds are unofficial and are for entertainment purposes only.


Note: If a driver’s name did not appear on the entry list posted on the Pro All Stars Series website as of August 23, their name will not appear on this list.


The Favorites:  5 to 1

Joey Polewarczyk, Travis Benjamin and Wayne Helliwell

Choosing a group of favorites is no easy task, but given the circumstances we feel that this trio of drivers has the advantage going into the $25,000-to-win race.  Polewarczyk and Helliwell have hit their stride in Super Late Model competition and were the class of the field in August’s PASS North race at Oxford Plains.  Some may be surprised to see Benjamin in this group, but he’s a two-time Oxford 250 winner who has been lightning fast nearly everywhere he’s gone this year.  A team with championship aspirations at the beginning of the year will be hungry for the big win.


The Contenders: 7 to 1

Austin Theriault, Cassius Clark, Derek Griffith, DJ Shaw, Glen Luce, Joey Doiron

Defending winner Glen Luce highlights this list of drivers who will be serious threats to win the Oxford 250 on Sunday.  Theriault hasn’t finished outside of the top five in any Oxford 250 he’s qualified for and Doiron has come up just short on a few occasions.  Clark had plenty of speed in last year’s 250 and knows how to get it done in long races.  Current PASS points leader DJ Shaw and breakout SLM star Derek Griffith will also have plenty of speed this weekend.


Good Picks:  10 to 1

Ben Rowe, Dalton Sargeant, Derek Ramstrom, Garrett Hall, Jeremy Davis, Johnny Clark, Mike Hopkins, Reid Lanpher, TJ Brackett

This group of drivers may not be favorites but they certainly have a chance to stand in Victory Lane.  Rowe has already won a 150-lap race at Oxford this year and will look to get back on track in a race he’s already won at twice.  The rest of this list includes one of the country’s most talked about Late Model racers (Sargeant), a two-time PASS winner in 2016 (Hall), a seven-time champion (Clark), last year’s runner up (Lanpher) and a former track champion (Brackett) among other stout competitors.


Worth the Money:  15 to 1

Bobby Timmons, David Oliver, Tate Fogleman, Dave Farrington, Jay Fogleman, Kelly Moore, Dennis Spencer, Tim Brackett, Bryan Kruczek, Jeremy Davis, Mike Rowe, Shawn Martin, Ben Lynch, Dan McKeage, Corey Bubar, Jeff Taylor, Tracy Gordon, Travis Stearns


Want to take a little bit of a gamble with hopes for a nice pay day? This would be the group of drivers to look at.  Being in this group is no joke and Glen Luce proved that last year by winning the Oxford 250 after being listed at 15-1 odds by  A few things might have to fall into place in order to see one of these drivers go to Victory Lane, but it certainly isn’t out of the picture.


Under the Right Conditions: 20 to 1

Alan Wilson, Adam Polvinen, Scott Mulkern, Scott Robbins, Jacob Dore, John Flemming, Garrett Evans, Kyle Treadwell, Kodie Conner, Andy Saunders, Brent Dragon, Scott Farrington, Jeremie Whorff, Shawn Knight


This group of drivers could be candidates for a top-five run, which is a feat in itself, but they would need a perfect day to end up in Victory Lane.


The Rest of the Field: 25 to 1

John-Michael Shenette, Wyatt Alexander, Matt Matheson, Gary Smith, Larry Gelinas, Michael Scorzelli, Kyle Desouza, Scott Moore


Who remembers the performance local driver Corey Morgan had in 2010 on his way to a third-place finish?  He more than likely would have entered the race with 25 to 1 odds, but the Oxford 250 is known for underdog performances. While we wouldn’t expect to see these drivers in Victory Lane, anything can happen.


-Text by staff. Photo credit: Norm Marx/PASS

Handicapping the Field: Odds for the 43rd Annual Oxford 250