For almost two years, no car without the name “Donnie Hamrac” written above the door of their car had visited victory lane at Montgomery Motor Speedway (AL) in an open-wheel Modified.  That changed on May 9 when Jeff Letson wheeled his way to the Modifieds of Mayhem win.


The series, which is having success in its inaugural championship season, heads back to Montgomery on Saturday, June 6.  Letson is hoping to replicate that performance from a month ago, while Hamrac is hoping to return to his winning ways.


“We’re not going to change anything in the way we’ve been approaching races,” Letson told powered by JEGS.  “We’ve been finding a little bit of speed every week along with some consistency.  I think we have a good shot at winning so that’s the plan.”


Hamrac, despite having his winning streak snapped at the historic Alabama oval, wasn’t frustrated with losing.  A streak like that had to end at some point and he’s aware of that, but he was frustrated with the performance of his car the last time the Modifieds of Mayhem raced.


“We were trying some new shocks on the front and it was so good in practice,” Hamrac said.  “That’s the best that car has been, but then we go to qualify and it pushes like a dump truck.”


Hamrac and his team couldn’t figure out what caused the issue at the time, but he believes that he did eventually find the root of the problem.


“We were on a friend’s open trailer this weekend because ours was busted,” Hamrac explained.  “His floor is open so I was under there trying to tie the car down, and when I was doing that a pin came out of the sway bar and it fell down and had the whole sway bar cocked.  We think that’s what had everything messed up.”


While it wasn’t a win, Hamrac still managed to finish fourth in that series event on May 9, even with his issues.  But he doesn’t expect to finish there again, and Letson doesn’t expect Hamrac to finish around there again either.


“You can’t count (Hamrac) out of these races,” Letson said.  “They’ve got a really good program and he’s been racing a long time, so they’ve got plenty of experience.”


While both drivers want to get back in victory lane, and they’re disappointed when they don’t just like any driver would be, both drivers expressed just how much fun the Modifieds of Mayhem Tour has been.


“Stan Narrison (Montgomery’s general manager and MoM Tour promoter) has done an awesome job with this series,” said Letson.  “We’ve been wanting a series to follow in this area and he spear-headed this thing and got it going.  I enjoy it.  This is my favorite type of racing.  I’d rather do this than Late Models.”


Hamrac echoed Letson’s sentiments.  For many years, the Modifieds have always been a support division to the Late Models, but they’re now the headline division when the Modifieds of Mayhem come to town.


“We’ve been asking for some kind of touring deal for the last couple years,” Hamrac said.  “I think it’s awesome.  It’s like we are the big show now, and it seems like it’s drawing a lot more cars than what we’ve been having so all around I think it’s a good thing.”


-By Rob Blount, Northeast Editor -Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Montgomery Motor Speedway Facebook

Hamrac, Letson Ready For More Mayhem at Montgomery