• All Legend Cars competitors that use the remote oil filter are required to put a hose clamp around the filter & safety wire it to the mount to prevent the filter from “backing off”.
  • Raceceiver brand, rechargeable transponders are mandatory on all cars
    (the driver will be responsible for the transponder being in working order).
    Note: Use your transponders during practice to ensure that your system is working.
  • Properly filled out entry forms are required prior to entry into Charlotte Motor Speedway (these forms are available at Minors will need to make sure they have the properly filled out & signed minor release forms. All competitors are required to have a current INEX membership.
  • A red switch cover (as delivered by US Legend Cars International) is mandatory on the main ignition “shutoff” switch on all cars.
  • Shell 93 premium gasoline is the mandatory fuel to be used in all cars.
  • “INEX” red restrictor plates are mandatory on all Beginner Bandit cars only (installed in the proper location). Restrictor plates will not be used in the Bandit or Outlaw class.
  • Check your safety equipment (driver & car) to make sure it meets the guidelines set in the INEX Rulebook.
  • JACK IN THE BOX decal will be mandatory on all Legend car windshield visors and on the top of all Bandolero windshields.

Guidelines for 2014 Summer Shootout at Charlotte