While many new and proposed short track touring series that pop up nowadays are merely new banners for existing race cars, the staff of the Granite State Pro Stock Series recently revealed a vision for something new and unique.


The proposed Steel Sportsman Series came from an idea from the mind of GSPSS technical inspector Nathan Kelly who has since met with GSPSS founder Mike Parks and other staff members to draw out a basic outline: a series which will use existing Pro Stock and Late Model chassis under the steel bodies of cars from ‘yesteryear’.


“We just kind of threw it together in two or three days as just as a vision. I don’t know what we have or if we are going to have anything. Old school, no technology, old school bodies, something different, and something that could possibly in the future be run as a companion event with the Pro Stocks,” Parks summarized.


300x250 51 Network 2017(2)While many on social media had interpreted this as an attempt to form another series for modern Street Stocks, the series would feature a completely unique formula. While engine rules have yet to be laid out, early proposals for chassis and body rules have been laid out on the Facebook page.


The Steel Sportsman Series would also most likely utilize the same tires as used by the GSPSS. Mike Parks went into more detail about a series that will use cars built today, but will look like those from the past.


“These aren’t Street Stocks, that’s the first thing that we had to get out there for everyone to understand. They are a complete tube-frame Pro Stock type chassis with the older school bodies on them,” he explained.  “Some pretty stringent chassis rules to keep all of the latest & greatest technology out of it, and we’ll just see what we have. It’s not going to be a high dollar series, it’s not going to have a lot of money; it’s going to be something to have so guys can have some fun.


“I would love to have guys put those ’55, ’57 Chevy bodies on the car, something different, something with the old school look. Not a vintage series because these guys are going to race.  Of course, this is all in the pre-pre-stage just to see if there’s guys who are interested.”


Parks went on to stress that everything is in an early brainstorm stage, and that nothing is guaranteed to go forward unless enough teams are in for the long haul.


“We are going to have an informational meeting in February just to gauge interest.  Right now, as far as people saying they’re interested, absolutely. It’s easy to say that you’re interested, but are you actually going to do it? On the other side of that, I don’t want to take any competitors away from any local short track. I don’t want promoters to think we are taking competitors.


“We are going to take baby steps just like we did with the Pro Stock Series, possibly if we can roll it out this fall with one race this fall to gauge the interest and to see what we got, that’s probably what we’ll do. But, after the meeting in February, if we don’t have eight or ten guys that have the absolute same vision as what we want these cars to be, we won’t move forward.”


It is a unique idea that has many worthwhile goals in mind for the future.


“It’s difficult. Nathan and I have the same vision, we grew up in the 80’s watching the old Busch North Series, the old Molson Tour, and those old steel body cars,” Parks said.  “If we want to have something as a companion event for the Pro Stocks in the future, kind of look at like NEMA and NEMA Lites, you have the Lites to help with the NEMA Midgets and that’s what I want to have with this deal, co-races at certain events.  But it must be a hundred percent different, something a promoter would like because it’s different.”


Speed51.com will have more on the continuing development of the Steel Sportsman Series. For more information, visit the Steel Sportsman Series page on Facebook.


-By: Connor Sullivan, Speed51.com CT, MA, RI & Long Island Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo Credit: Alan Ward/Big Al’s Photos

GSPSS Officials Reveal Vision for New ‘Old-School’ Series