Former Ltd. Late Model regular Sean Grosman is ready for a return to full-time competition in 2015 with a foray into the OSCAAR Super Late Model Tour.  The task of approaching a brand new division and a cross-province tour is certainly not a one-man effort, and Grosman is confident that having fellow short track competitor Ryan Kimball in his corner will make all the difference in his freshman campaign.


Kimball, the 2014 Peterborough Speedway Late Model champion, will work with Grosman in an exclusive role in 2015, fulfilling crew chief and spotter duties for the entirety of the team’s freshman OSCAAR campaign.


“I’ve been fortunate to have been surrounded by some incredibly knowledgeable people throughout my career,” says Grosman.  “But there’s something about the way Ryan and I work together that really makes this team click.


“It’s no secret that a driver is only as strong as the people he aligns himself with,” continues ‘The Frequent Flyer’.  “And I have complete confidence that Ryan is the guy I want making the calls for us when we’re ready to hit the race track”.


Though Kimball is adamant he’s not ready to hang up his helmet just yet – he’ll make a handful of starts with Wally Janzen’s ‘Janzen Racing’ outfit – it’s clear the job of crew chief is something he’s taking seriously.


“It might be a little tough to be at the speedway and not be racing, but at the end of the day it’s still a competition no matter what side of the headset you’re on,” explains the reigning Autumn Colours Classic champion.


“I think this team has all the ingredients to do something special this season.  Our Finish Line Fabricating chassis is just about the nicest piece of equipment I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I know that Sean has the talent to make an impact on the tour.


“We’ve been doing our homework all offseason,” continues Kimball.  “I have a world of respect for every driver on the OSCAAR tour, and I know that if we want to make the impact that we’re hoping to make then we have to put in the hours over the winter”.


When asked his hopes for his initial foray into Super Late Model competition, Grosman echoes Kimball’s sentiments.


“The OSCAAR tour has some of the absolute best talent in Ontario,” says the multi-time Sunset Speedway feature winner.  “We’re well aware of the learning curve that we’re in for, but we’re not coming out with the intentions of being an ‘also ran’.  We’re ready to put in whatever work is necessary to put ourselves in a position in which we can challenge for the Rookie of the Year title.


“In a lot of ways, I’ve been waiting for this from the first time I sat in the stands at Sunset and watched an OSCAAR show.  We have a fantastic team and a phenomenal car.  We’re all committed to going about this the right way, and I can’t even explain how excited I am to finally have the opportunity to test myself against the elite-level talent on this tour.


“We’ll be ready for opening night,” adds Grosman with a wink.


-By Spencer Lewis, Canadian Editor – Twitter: @itsspencerlewis

-Photo Credit: Lisa Evans Photography

Sean Grosman Hopes Fresh Partnership Is Key Ingredient