Goddard Looking for Second $10,000 Payday at Showtime

Last month, Michael Goddard picked up the biggest win of his career in the opening Super Late Model Triple Crown race at Showtime Speedway, holding off one of Super Late Model racing’s best in Stephen Nasse to do so.  He will have a chance to bag another $10,000 this weekend with Race #2 of the Triple Crown.


The Fort Myers, Florida native enters the event as perhaps the hottest driver at Showtime, following his win in the opener and a strong showing at Florida Fest two weeks later.  Even with the hot streak, Goddard has redemption on his mind stemming from Florida Fest.




“I’m very, very excited.  It’s a huge confidence booster and we showed speed in the second one, but I made a mistake and we paid the price,” Goddard told Speed51.  Now I’m just looking to try and get redemption off the last one because I know we were better than where we ended up.”


Goddard had showed speed in marquee events around Central Florida while winning races at Showtime and 4-17 Southern Speedway, but last month’s win was the biggest of them all.  It came at the same facility that he took his first-ever Super Late Model win at in 2019.


That win has given his team an extra boost of confidence going into the final two Triple Crown races over the next two weekends.


“That win was really big.  I haven’t been racing that long in Late Models but I’ve put in three full years now.  Some people have been doing it a lot longer and have never seen a big win like that, so to get a big win like that is a huge confidence booster.  It’s equivalent to three or four wins of a regular race.  It’s a big confidence booster for the whole team and it makes everyone want to come in the shop and get back to work to try to get another one.”


The Triple Crown races provide Goddard a chance to compete with top talent from Central Florida and beyond when he otherwise would not be able to.  This weekend’s event presents itself with its own set of challenges, with Friday’s open practice up in the air for Goddard and his team.


“It’s a lot of fun.  We’re a low budget, smaller team.  I’m going to have a hard time getting up there Friday to get practice in because I’ve got work and with I do at work I don’t have the luxury to leave all the time or to get off work early to get up there.  Hopefully I can get up there and get some practice in before they start racing Friday.


“That’s one thing that stops me from traveling to other races, I don’t have that time off of work to travel from South Florida.  Pensacola races on Friday and, even though they’re in Florida, I’m still nine hours away from that track.  It makes everything tough but it makes it a lot of fun to race against good competition.  It’s cool to see everybody come together for events, I think we’ll see a stout field of good Supers.”


In a nod to drivers back in the day, Goddard’s race schedule revolves around how his team performs race-to-race.  The more success they have on-track, the more races they can attend.


With one $10,000 check already cashed, another big payday can open up their racing schedule for the rest of 2021, allowing them to travel even further to big Super Late Model shows.


“I don’t even know if I can put that into words.  It would be huge for our team.  Like I always preach, my racing schedule is all off of how I do.  How I do determines when I’ll race again and how I’ll race again.  If we were able to pull one off this weekend or pull off one of these next two, it would be huge for us as a team being able to try and travel and try to make it to these other races.”


Saturday’s event at Showtime Speedway will be streamed live on Speed51.TV, including both the Super Late Model Triple Crown Race #2 and the Dave Steele World Non Wing Championship 125.  Click here to watch Saturday’s event.


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo

Goddard Looking for Second $10,000 Payday at Showtime