For the third time this year Trey Gibson crossed the finish line first at South Carolina’s Greenville-Pickens Speedway, but someone else received credit for the win.  Gibson was disqualified after he was found to be 58-pounds too light in post-race technical inspection.  As a result, the win was given to second-generation racer Todd Gilliland.


Greenville’s general manager, Anthony Anders, explained that a piece of lead came off of Gibson’s No. 112 machine and was most likely the cause for Gibson being too light.


“A piece of lead came out and actually went up into the catch fence and then came back down into the race track,” Anders told powered by JEGS.  “So after the race he didn’t make weight.  He was 58-pounds too light.”


According to Anders, the piece of lead was numbered, and that was one of the ways they traced it back to Gibson.


“He had his number on his lead, plus we jacked his car up and you could see where it was bolted in and had come out,” Anders explained.  “It said “Porter” on there (for car owner Randy Porter) and the car number which was 32.  His number is 112, but Randy used to run 32.


“But people saw it come out.  People in the stands saw it, the track saw it and second-place saw it.  But it had his name all over it.”


snowball 300x250Gibson acknowledged that the piece of lead came from his car, but he said what happened was out of anyone’s control.


“A bolt broke that was holding a piece of lead in,” said Gibson.  “I think when it’s something like that with a bolt breaking you can see that it’s out of your control.  I agree that you should be fined or something, but not disqualified.  That’s out of your control.”


Gibson rode the equivalent of an emotional rollercoaster on Saturday night.  He crossed the finish line the winner, then fell ill in victory lane with heat exhaustion, then later learned of his disqualification.


“My emotions were all over the place,” he said.  “I won and I was very excited.  Then I started feeling sick.  Then they said lead came out of my car which made it even worse.  It was all over the place.”


He explained that he was still inside the ambulance when he learned that there was an issue with his car.


“My crew kept coming in and informing me what was happening,” he said.  “I guess they went ahead and scaled the car without me in it.  I told them my weight which is somewhere around 225, maybe even more.  So they added my weight to what they had and we came up short.”


This is the third time this season Gibson has been disqualified after an infraction was found in post-race tech.  It’s gotten to the point where now Gibson is beginning to question the validity of it all.


“I’m scared to death to go through tech down there because I feel like every time I win they’re extra strict on me,” said Gibson.  “Every time I win I’m thinking ‘What are they going to do this week?'”


-By Rob Blount, Northeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: GPS Media

Gibson ‘Scared to Death’ of Greenville Tech After Third DQ