As a rookie, Parker Stephens put himself in contention to win the 2015 SPEARS Southwest Tour Series championship entering the final race of the season. Stephens, a second generation driver from Olympia, Washington, hit the mid-point of the 2015 season and got a roll, with consecutive second place finishes at Eureka and Stockton, and followed up with a great run at Salt Lake City. As the season ended, Stephens was third overall in the 2015 SPEARS Southwest Tour Series championship, secured the 2015 Rookie-of-the-Year title, and picked up a big win at the Iron Man 125 at Kern County Raceway Park.


Getting to Know the 2015 SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Rookie-of-the-Year:


1. At what age did you start racing? And what type of racing?
I started racing at the age of 10 in mini cups.


2. Who has been your biggest influence in your racing career?
My dad, by far with his love and support and also his passion.


3. Of all the advice you have ever been giving over the years in racing, what piece of advice stands out the most to you?

Be as passionate as you can and have the strongest desire to win, and you can be the best you want to be and win everything.


4. If you were to give advice to a young driver, what would it be?
Be hungry for that win every race and have the desire to want to win.


5. What do you do Monday through Friday?
I work in the race shop 8:00- 8:00 every day working on race cars.


6. Favorite TV Show – Movie – Sports Team – Race Driver?
TV show- Shark Tank, Movie-Fast Furious 7, Seahawks, Kyle Busch


7. Best moment of the 2015 race season?
Winning the” Iron Man 125” race and sharing it with my team.


8. Away from racing, what do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy snowboarding and spending time with friends and family.


9. Finish the sentence – In five years, I hope to…
Be running a full schedule in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series or NASCAR Xfinity series.


10. Plans for the 2016 race season?
This year’s plans are still in the works and should be released soon on what we will be doing for 2016


-SRL Southwest Tour Series Press Release & Photo

Get to Know 2015 SRL Rookie of the Year Parker Stephens