Georgia Boy Hopping to Hickory for Easter Bunny Debut

Georgia driver Kyle Plott will be hopping to Newton, North Carolina this weekend for the 14th Annual Easter Bunny 150 at Hickory Motor Speedway, the site where he began cutting his teeth in the Late Model ranks.  As the entry list grows year after year, he has tossed his name into the hat of new competitors that will attempt to win the third race of the 2019 PASS National Championship season.


The Easter Bunny 150 has become one of the fastest growing Super Late Model races in the country since its inception in 2006.  An enhanced schedule in the Carolinas over the past couple years, combined with an extended break on the Southern Super Series schedule, provided Plott with the opportunity he has been looking for to make his Easter Bunny 150 debut.


“The Southern Super Series is off for a month or so and I’ve never run a Super race at Hickory and I’ve always wanted to go to the Easter Bunny, but I’ve just never had the time or had the car ready or whatever the case may be,” Plott told  “But this year, we had the time and had the funding to go up there so we decided to come on up and hopefully have a good run.”




While it may be Plott’s first time in a Super Late Model at the track dubbed “The World’s Most Famous Short Track,” he does have previous experience in a Late Model Stock Car at Hickory.  He says he enjoys racing at Hickory and is leaning on his previous Late Model Stock experience to transfer it over to the Super Late Model.


“I’ve raced there a few times with the Late Model Stock.  It’s real rough and wears tires out pretty quick.  I really enjoy those kind of race tracks,” Plott stated.  “It’s kind of like Pensacola with the tire wear.  There’s going to be a lot of good competition.  We got to make sure the car is dialed in good.”


A third-place finish in the most recent Blizzard Series race at Five Flags Speedway highlights what has been a struggling 2019 season thus far.  He admits he is behind other competitors when it comes to being prepared for Hickory, but he feels like his team is making progress in the shop and will be ready to compete this weekend.


“We were lucky to get third that race,” Plott said about his Blizzard Series run.  “We weren’t a third-place car at all, just circumstances put us third.


“We had a good run going at the Rattler but we had overheating issues,” he continued.  “We’re just trying to get all our dumb luck out of our way and make sure I’m as prepared as I can at the shop with this car getting to the race track.  I feel like we’re getting a lot of the issues out of the way.  As long as the car is balanced pretty good and everything holds good, I feel like we’ll have a pretty good shot at a strong run.  I feel like we’re a little behind the eight-ball compared to everyone up there.  They’ve had a lot of laps around there and we’re a little behind, so we’ll just try to start at our baseline and go from there.”


Plott wants to go to victory lane in his first Super Late Model trip to Hickory, but the ultimate goal for his team is a strong run without any of the bad luck that has plagued him so far in 2019.  He says a good finish in this weekend’s Easter Bunny 150 will make a big impact as the season rolls on.


“The goal for anybody is to win the thing, but it depends on how everything goes.  The top three is always a strong run.  My goal is to win it, but just make sure we play our cards right and have a good run.  As long as nothing stupid happens, I feel like we’ll be in the top five, top three.”


Race fans unable to make it to Hickory Motor Speedway this Saturday will be able to watch a live pay-per-view broadcast on  Live video tickets can be purchased today for $19.99 by clicking here.

Georgia Boy Hopping to Hickory for Easter Bunny Debut