Future of Historic South Carolina Speedway in Question

While the future of Myrtle Beach Speedway is in question, it will continue to operate as planned for the foreseeable future.


Myrtle Beach Speedway officials released a statement on Facebook Tuesday, announcing that management had been approached with potential developers in regards to a potential purchase. However, any sale of the property is contingent upon a rezoning process.


“As everyone knows, Myrtle Beach real estate market is hotter than it has ever been and the Speedway is sitting in the center of the most sought after real estate in the area,” the statement reads.  “We have been approached by some developers and have engaged in conversations about possible options, but at this point it is just conversation.  The property would need to go through a rezoning process that is timely and expensive.”


In an interview with the Myrtle Beach Sun, Myrtle Beach Speedway owner Bob Lutz elaborated on that process.


“I have a developer that has an interest in the property and that interest is contingent on getting it rezoned for what he wants to use it for,” Lutz said. “We all know that’s a long process and sometimes they go through and sometimes they don’t. So, we are operating the facility on a normal basis as if nothing’s going to change.”


While the venue is still under Lutz’s ownership, he plans to continue operating the venue with its current schedule.  Along with NASCAR-sanctioned racing, including the Myrtle Beach 400 every November, the Speedway hosts drifting, concerts, monster trucks, the Horry County Fair and more.  The speedway is also a venue for the NASCAR Racing Experience.


“We will run it as a race track and do as many events we can do in there to try to bring in whatever we can from year to year, and what it falls short on I’ve put in to keep it going and will continue to do that as long as I own it.”


Myrtle Beach Speedway’s next event is March 14.  For more information, visit www.myrtlebeachspeedway.com.  Their short track season started on February 1 with the Icebreaker 125, headlined by a Late Model Stock Car feature won by Sam Yarbrough.


Twelve short-track events are on Myrtle Beach’s 2020 schedule, culminating with the Myrtle Beach 400 on November 20-21.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo

Future of Historic South Carolina Speedway in Question