Frye Looking for Big Family Win Saturday at BAPS

The Northeast ULTIMATE Super Late Model Series and BAPS Motor Speedway in York Haven, Pennsylvania are teaming up to honor a long-time hometown racer, Smokey Frye this Saturday night, July 27. In what is already shaping up to be a big night for the racing family, Smokey’s nephew, Coleby Frye hopes to make it even bigger, by taking home the check and trophy for himself.


Perhaps best of all, they won’t have to worry too much about putting the prize money into towing fuel.


“We live about three miles up the road and my uncle lives right beside the track, so it’s like our home track, even though we don’t race there much. It’s pretty cool, he raced for a bunch of years for my dad and couple of other owners in the area. So it’s neat to see that he gets honored,” Frye told Speed51.


In just its second full season, ULTIMATE Northeast has done well to prop up regional Dirt Super Late Model racing in the Northeast region. While Frye is happy to seem them come so close to his home, he would like to see even more of the series in Eastern Pennsylvania in the years to come.


“It’s good to see, it would be nice if we could get a couple more races in the area like this, and get some more guys involved,” Frye said.  “It’s a good series, a good idea. We got spoiled back then when there where a lot of races were $5,000 to win and $1,000 for tenth, so it’s nice to see the effort they’re making. The format they use and the guys that run it, it’s a good deal.”


Since moving up through the Late Model ranks, Frye has not run that much at his home track, opting to tour throughout the region. In that time, BAPS has gone through a series of improvements that he believes will keep the facility on par for some time.


“I’ve won there once for sure when we ran Limited’s when I was younger, also ran King of the Hill one year and I ran second to Jeremy Miller that night,” Frye stated.  “Its had a few different owners and honestly from what it was to what it is, it’s a whole different animal. They’ve put a lot of money into the place, made it very nice. The lighting, stands, they’ve worked on the track surface two or three times now trying to get it right. They’ve done a great job to get it all right.”


As for 2019, life has been good for Frye both on the home front and on the race track.  While welcoming his second child to the world, he has succeeded just to the north of home at Selinsgrove Speedway, where he currently leads the points standings in the track’s Super Late Model division with a pair a of victories on the season so far.


“It has been good, we’ve never really raced for points before. Ended up leading the points at Port Royal two years ago and we were going to try and do all that, and ended up getting a blood clot in an artery, so had to go to the hospital, and I ended up missing a race. We decided to do it this year at Selinsgrove since we just had our second kid, it’s closer to home, we aren’t traveling as much as the last few years.”


Come Saturday night, Frye hopes to be able to roll the momentum from Selinsgrove south to York County and chase what would be a win he would not soon forget.


“It would be awesome to win my uncle’s race. There’s going to be a lot of good guys there. I know Rick Eckert is coming, I just talked to my buddy Austin Hubbard, he’ll be there. I know Jared Miley is always pretty good. It will come down to having a good time trial to start. If we do that then we can have a good race.”


Speed51 will be on site at BAPS Motor Speedway this Saturday night shooting taped highlights for the Speed51 Network and providing live updates on Twitter at @Speed51Dirt.


-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Speed51 Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Northeast ULTIMATE Super Late Model Series

Frye Looking for Big Family Win Saturday at BAPS