The 2017 racing season was a year of change for Trinity, North Carolina’s Jared Fryar. After competing mostly in Super and Pro Late Models most of his short track career, Fryar and his team decided to embrace the heavier Late Model Stock Cars, running under the banner of the CARS Tour for a majority schedule while running his Super Late Model part-time on the side.


After getting his first CARS LMSC win a year ago, Fryar has decided to return to the field he knows best: Super Late Models. But for a second straight year, he will once again run his schedule around the CARS Tour in their Super Late division. Fryar is looking forward to getting back into the mix for 2018, and feels even stronger after his time in the Late Model Stock in 2017.


“I’m really excited to get into this year, especially driving the Super Late Model this season,” Fryar told “I felt like last year went really well until the end of the year.  We had some issues with getting in wrecks and stuff, but the Late Model Stock went really well, got a lot of experience with different drivers and tracks.”


Fryar is confident that he will need little or no readjustment to the lighter and more powerful Supers, and he will also head into the season with the same team he has had the past couple of seasons.


“It’s been good, because it’s kind of where I started racing at,” he explained.  “It’s definitely different than the Late Model Stock for sure. My dad will be crew chief again this year and my spotter will be Tony White, all the same people as we had last year. We’ve always worked together and it should be easy going.”


Expecting stiff competition once again in 2018 for the nine-race CARS Tour schedule, Fryar and the team will be putting all their effort into the Super Late Model only.


“I know some of these guys from racing done before. It’s going to help that this year we’ll be able to focus on the Super only, bouncing back and forth I felt it kind of hurt us since we didn’t run a lot of Super Late Model races.”


Although Fryar has his sight set on the CARS Tour season title, his team will require some additional support if they hope to hit one of the biggest races on the schedule, the Short Track U.S. Nationals at Bristol Motor Speedway (TN). Beyond that, Fryar also knows that he will need to do his best to keep his equipment in good shape as well.


“We need everything to go well to hunt for the championship,” Fryar stated.  “If something happens in the middle of the season, we can’t make a race because something happens like a wreck, then obviously we have to go from there and maybe take a step back. But we want to contend for a championship.”


As for any races sticking out on the schedule, there is no specific event that Fryar either looks forward to or dreads. But he did give indications that the $10,000-to-win events have a great appeal to him, especially since they would be a great help in his quest for the championship.


While he is focused on also staying in one piece, wins are the biggest priority at each event.


“Like everybody always says, if you go for wins and get wins the championship will come along with it.”


As for this weekend’s CARS Tour Super Late Model opener at Myrtle Beach Speedway (SC), Fryar has no prior experience at the abrasive half-mile, but that isn’t deterring him in the slightest.


“I’ve never raced there, but I’m definitely looking forward to going there. We’ll just take it one step at a time when we get there. But I’ve got a little luck going with new tracks last year, the first time we ran the Late Model Stock at Dominion we ended up winning one of the duel races. It worked out then, hopefully we can have a little luck this weekend.” will have live Trackside Now coverage of the CARS Tour Super Late Models and Late Model Stock Cars this Saturday from Myrtle Beach Speedway.


-By: Connor Sullivan, Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

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Fryar Switching Divisions, But Not Tours for 2018