From Crisis to Success, Zamora Scores Big ‘W’ Back Home

All season long in 2019, Brittney Zamora has tackled the rigors of being a rookie driver on the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West; visiting new venues, adapting to the heavy Stock Cars, and finding her place at famed Bill McAnally Racing. Through it all, she has found the time to stay connected with her Super Late Model roots back in Washington State, including getting to victory lane.


After a 50-lap win at South Sound Speedway three weeks prior, Zamora returned for the South Sound 200 this past Saturday. Going up against a stout lineup, including some of the top SLM drivers in the Northwest, Zamora took the lead on Lap 54 on a three-wide move and never looked back.


The impressive performance came just hours after a long struggle by Zamora and her team to get the No. 52 working at peak performance.


“We were P1 in Friday practice, but we were fighting ignition problems, it was sputtering on us at higher speeds, and we weren’t sure what the deal was. So we didn’t get a true feel for the car because we were so focused with what was happening with the motor. We changed 80 to 90 percent of the wiring on the car and ran out of time Friday,” Zamora told Speed51.


“Couldn’t sleep with what was happening, Saturday we got to the track, changed a few more things and we still had the same problem. It sucked, we started making a list of everything else it could be. The last go to was to change the distributer; we never had distributer problems before, but we figured we’d see. We changed it and finally, that was it. We only had time to scuff our tires before qualifying, didn’t get the practice we needed, but still came out with the win. Just worked our way.”


While Zamora has already worked hard to further herself with BMR in K&N West, she feels a win like this with her family team in front of home fans could be just the breeze she needs under her wings to get that first K&N win before the year is up.


“It feels good to get the momentum rolling with the first one off our back a few weeks ago and then to get this one feels pretty good. It’s fun to still come out with our own program and still get seat time on the off-weekends from the K&N West Series; to go back to what I grew up doing. I’m still learning in the K&N car, so it’s good to continue to have experience in both cars.”


All and all, Zamora feels that the ingredients for a K&N win are there, it’s just a matter of getting the mixture right, and maintaining the same focus that has gotten the two-time Northwest Super Late Model Series champion to this point in her career.


“We’ve gotten results that we’ve needed in the K&N Series. We’ve sat on the pole, we’ve had the podiums, top five’s; we just got to get that win under our belt in the Series. It’s coming, I know it will. Racing is just a lot of luck with the driver and car. We just need to have all three come together and play in our favor.”


Moving ahead, Zamora is eyeing a great opportunity for just such an occurrence to happen, as K&N West heads to her neck of the woods for its next stop. On the same night, she will also look to add a third winner’s sticker to her Super Late Model.


“August 17, the K&N Series is going to Evergreen Speedway and that same night, Evergreen is having a Super Late Model race, so I’m doing double duty. I’m excited to be at a home track, it will be kind of hectic not having any breaks at all, but I’m ready for it, and it should be a lot of fun.”


-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Speed51 Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Brittney Zamora Twitter

From Crisis to Success, Zamora Scores Big ‘W’ Back Home