Dan Fredrickson made his long trip from Minnesota a good one tonight as he won the 50 lap feature for the Triple Crown Super Late Model Challenge. Fredrickson started eighth in the field and took the lead with twelve laps to go. It was his second career win at Madison.


Bobby Wilberg and Travis Sauter brought the twenty-four car field to the green flag. Wilberg gained the advantage for the lead on lap 2. Following the leaders were Andrew Morrissey, John Beale, and Mark Eswein. Dan Fredrickson passed Eswein for the fifth position on lap 5.


Wilberg and Sauter were breaking away from the pack while Beale was passing Morrissey for third on lap 10. On lap 14 Paul Shafer Jr. broke into the top five when he was able to pass Morrissey. Two laps later Fredrickson powered his way past Beale for third but with a lot of ground to close on the top two.


At the half-way the fastest car on the track belonged to Fredrickson who was closing the gap on the leaders. With twenty laps to go Fredrickson took the second position from Sauter and began to hunt down Wilberg.


With fifteen laps to go Wilberg’s lead was down to a car length. On lap 36 it appeared like Fredrickson was ready to take the lead but a lapped car thwarted any hopes Fredrickson had to take the lead for now. But on lap 38 he was able to move to the inside of Wilberg going into turn three to take the lead.


Fredrickson was cruising to a seven car length advantage with six laps to go and looked like he was all set for a trip to victory lane. But a spinning car on the front stretch brought out the caution flag setting up a five lap shootout.


Fredrickson led the single file restart back to green and got a great restart opening up a three car length lead. The closest racing was for third where Beale, Rich Bickle Jr., and Shafer Jr. were fighting it out. But this race belonged to Fredrickson who rolled to victory lane followed by Wilberg, Bickle Jr., Beale, and Shafer Jr.


“That’s the hardest fifty laps I’ve ever driven here,” said Bickle Jr. “We’ll get better. We just have a little work to do yet.”


“We were racing against the cream of the crop (Fredrickson and Bickle Jr.) out here so it was a good finish,” said Wilberg.


“This car was a real pleasure to drive. I love coming here to race at these Wisconsin tracks. I wished I lived around here. You Wisconsin guys are lucky to have such great tracks here,” said Fredrickson.


Austin Nason was fast qualifier with a lap of 17.539 (102.628 mph). Heat wins went to Jeff Van Oudenhoven, Dean LaPointe, and Dan Fredrickson.


-Madison Int’l Speedway Press Release. Photo credit: Jess Riedner


Madison SLM Triple Crown Round #1 Unofficial Results

1. 36F-Dan Fredrickson, [8]; 2. 99W-Bobby Wilberg, [1]; 3. 45B-Rich Bickle Jr., [5]; 4. 7S-Paul Shafer Jr, [7]; 5. 5B-John Beale, [4]; 6. 47S-Travis Sauter, [2]; 7. 39M-Andrew Morrissey, [3]; 8. 25S-Jeff Storm, [10]; 9. 71E-Mark Eswein, [6]; 10. 42P-Dennis Prunty, [15]; 11. 89M-Brad Mueller, [11]; 12. 62H-John Heath, [18]; 13. 26B-Chris Blawat, [19]; 14. 15L-Dean LaPointe, [12]; 15. 28F-Jake Finney, [21]; 16. 10M-Andy Monday, [16]; 17. 22S-Jeremy Spoonmore, [22]; 18. 13B-Mikie Breiner, [23]; 19. 5H-Jeff Holmgren Jr, [24]; 20. 14N-Austin Nason, [9]; 21. 45O-Jeff Van Oudenhoven, [17]; 22. 11K-Bobby Kendall, [20]; 23. 75T-Joel Theisen, [14]; 24. 41R-Donny Reuvers, [13]; (DNS) 87F-Jay Foster,

Fredrickson Flies to SLM Triple Crown Victory at Madison