Four Wisconsin race tracks are coming together to create the Unified Motorsports Association (UMA) and resurrect the Wisconsin Challenge Series (WCS).  Dells Raceway Park, Golden Sands Speedway, Marshfield Speedway and State Park Speedway have created a new rules package under UMA and put together a pretty stout package to entice drivers to race the four-event WCS.


“What started out as talking about tires and trying to get everyone on the same page about tires, turned into trying to unite a rules package for Northern Wisconsin and trying to get all the tracks on the same page,” Dells Raceway Park Competition Director Jerry Auby told powered by JEGS.  “That’s how we came up with the Unified Motorsports Association (UMA) and from that we came up with the Wisconsin Challenge Series.  It was Ron’s (Wimmer, State Park Speedway co-owner) idea to name it WCS, he contacted former owners and got permission to use the name WCS and from there we picked dates, came up with a rule book.”


300x250 Team PFC - 2017The new UMA rules are designed under the premise of trying to help keep the costs down for local racers.  During a time where weekly racing, especially at the Super Late Model level, seems to be fading due to high competition costs, UMA hopes to provide a rules package that will help the weekly racer be able to afford to continue to be competitive at their local track.


“We opened up the motor package, we came up with a certification process through Wegner Motorsports to have engines certified and they come up with a weight.  If you have a certified motor, there’s a formula for giving you a weight.  It’s also making it more affordable to pull some of these old motors out of the garages and put them back on the racetrack if they can get a weight.  We’re trying to keep the costs of rear ends down, shocks down, just in general to build a car it’s $10,000, but that isn’t feasible for the weekly racer,” said Auby.


“I think it just basically comes down to trying to save costs,” said State Park Speedway Co-Owner Scott Wimmer.  “For a long time racers in Wisconsin have done a great job of trying to maintain costs and keep them low for Super Late Models but it’s just starting to get a little out of hand for weekly nights.  The big specials and Midwest tour racers are expensive, they’re expensive cars and it just doesn’t really fit into weekly night racing.  The drive behind UMA is to try and get more affordable cars to race these weekly nights, the 50-60 lap races, and the group of tracks that do run Super Late Models on a weekly night are the ones that are trying to get this going.”


Along with the new rules package adopted by the four UMA tracks came the idea to bring back the Wisconsin Challenge Series.  The four race series will make one stop at each track, visiting State Park Speedway on June 1st, Dells Raceway Park on June 24th, Golden Sands Speedway on July 14th and Marshfield Speedway on August 19th.


Said Auby, “It lets them expand their wings a little bit as far as traveling but yet they don’t have to go down to Missouri or Ohio or anywhere very far.  They get to run other tracks and even if they don’t want to run them weekly, they can look at the schedule and say I can make it 60 miles down the road to Plover or I can make it 100 miles to Dells, and if you can concentrate on those four races it can make your whole summer.”


The WCS boasts a pretty solid point fund, along with the winner also receiving a 2018 motor lease from Lefthander.   In addition, the biggest bonus is that if any driver can win all four races, he’ll pocket a cool $20,000.


“We came up with the idea of doing the four race challenge series and basically they’re one day shows, hopefully save people money there,” said Wimmer.  “And we have a good purse and a good points fund, hopefully that will entice guys to race locally and race a coupe specials.”


“That’s just like running a whole 20 race season in four nights, because the point fund is pretty lucrative and the incentives are pretty lucrative to run for just those four races,” said Auby.


The long term goals of UMA also include trying to make their new rules package the standard, not only in Wisconsin, but possibly in surrounding states.  Their rules extend beyond just Super Late Models and into the support divisions as well, unifying those rules across the four tracks as well.  The hope is to add a support division next year into the WCS and support those drivers in their wish to travel to other tracks.


“I think people see we’re trying and they want to support that, because in the long run if we can keep costs down and keep time down, I think people will be excited about it,” said Wimmer.


-By Jana Wimmer, Midwest Editor – Twitter: @JWimm22

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Four Tracks Unite to Bring Back Wisconsin Challenge Series