Last Saturday at the Wiscasset Speedway was warm and sun filled. Fans lined the bleachers to watch the group one division of racing. There was exciting racing action, and racing continued into the warm evening as the big lights of Wiscasset illuminated the track. Group one racing included: Prostock, New England Four Cylinder Prostock, Outlaw Mini, and Napa Super Street. The flex race of the week was an exhibition of modified race cars.

The Spotlighted race of the week was a thirty-five lap Outlaw Mini feature. This division has been highly competitive and has seen five different winners in the first five races of the season. Starting at the pole was the #14 of Matt Moore. The #9 of George Fortin and the #06 of Ryan Glover were behind him. When the green flag flew, Fortin immediately passed Moore for the lead. Glover headed inside and passed Moore for second on the inside of turn two during lap one.

Starting in seventh position was Shawn Kimball of the #20. Kimball had advanced up the track and passed Moore on the inside of turn three during lap six for third. Kimball tried to hold off the #10 of Jimmy Childs who had moved from the back of the pack. Kimball left a small opening during lap eight, and Childs slid inside and passed on turn two for third.

There was a caution during lap sixteen. After the caution was called Childs developed mechanical issues and headed to the pits. The #8 of Calvin Rose Jr. moved to third. Childs was able to make it back on the track before the caution was over. When action resumed on the track Rose passed Glover on the outside of turn one for second.

Childs was once again moving up through traffic on the track. He caught the race leaders and passed Glover for third on the inside of turn one during lap thirty. There were three cautions during lap thirty-three. During the caution, Rose had to pit due to mechanical issues. Childs moved to second and Glover moved back into third place. On the restart, Glover got a good jump off the start. Childs left the door open, and Glover slid into second place. Childs fought to gain the position back. The pair raced furiously around the track but Glover was able to hold him back. Then, with only one lap remaining, Childs headed to the inside of turn two and moved along side of Glover. They raced down the back stretch, Glover still in the lead, then headed into turn three side by side. Still neck and neck, the duo head into turn four. Childs crept ahead by a nose and then roared ahead on the front stretch, passing Glover for second just before the finish.

Fortin claimed first. Childs placed second. Glover rounded out the top three in third. Fortin became the sixth different winner in the Outlaw Mini division this season.



  1. #9 George Fortin, Greene
  2. #10 Jimmy Childs, Leeds
  3. #06 Ryan Glover, Mexico
  4. #13 Nate Tribbet, Richmond
  5. #2 Butch Keene, Turner
  6. #13X Chris Blanchard, Clinton
  7. #41 Dixon Smith, Sidney
  8. #8 Calvin Rose Jr, Turner
  9. #19 Shane Kaherl, Jay
  10. #51 Mike Mason, Skowhegan
  11. #14 Matt Moore, Mechanic Falls
  12. #53 Nick Bissell, Lewiston
  13. #20 Shawn Kimball, Augusta

-Wiscasset Speedway Press Release. Photo Credit: Racing Photography & Media

Fortin Becomes Sixth Outlaw Mini Winner at Wiscasset