Ricky Brooks has had his “Room of Doom” on wheels the past few years as he has been the chief technical director for some of the biggest races across the country including the Snowball Derby, Winter Showdown and more. This year, a new sheriff will step up as the head technical director for the All American 400 at the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville in Tennessee.


Tony Formosa, who operates the famous Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville, confirmed to Speed51.com powered by JEGS that David Ifft will now be the head technical director for the All American 400.


300x250 51 Network 2017(2)“Ricky has a lot on his plate right now and he is busy.  Ricky did a fantastic job for us every race we ever had but I think David Ifft will do a great job for our speedway as well,” Formosa said.


Ifft is a veteran race official and is currently the chief technical director for the CARS Tour and is chief technical inspector for the Southern Super Series.


For Formosa, Ifft is more than just a hire for the biggest race each year at the Fairgrounds. Formosa believes that Ifft is the right guy to get the job done and keep things flowing smoothly in regards to any tech officiating.


“I have known David Ifft for years and years. He’s been around racing all of his life so I know he is good. I am really looking forward to working with him and everything. It will just put a different spin on our racing program.”


Between his own officials and the help that Ifft is bringing, Formosa believes that the All American 400 is in good hands.


“David is bringing his son and maybe another guy and then I know we have some pretty good tech guys as well so I think it is going to be a really cool race and I am excited.”


The All American 400 kicks off September 30th with the main event following Sunday, October 1st. For drivers who missed the early registration deadline, they can still file an entry at www.fairgroundsspeedwaynashville.com/all-american-400


-By Hannah Newhouse, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent – Twitter: @HannahNewhouse

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com

Formosa Names New Tech Director for All American 400