Former Short Track Draft #1 Pick to Race at Lanier

The return of both the Pro All Stars Series and Super Late Model racing to Lanier Raceplex in North Georgia has stoked the interest in many race teams along the East Coast. Whether it be big time winners or up and coming drivers, there are plenty from all over the map who are eager to throw in their names. One driver with both North and South connections is second-generation racer Ryan Moore.


Originally hailing from the State of Maine, Moore moved down to North Carolina a number of years ago to further his racing career, eventually taking charge of the southern half of the family trucking business. In recent years, Moore has turned his attention mainly to family and work, but every so often, Moore takes his No. 74 Super Late Model out of the shop, and with the resurgence of Lanier this weekend, Moore is going back into battle.


“We’re looking forward to it, been real busy with everything going on, so we haven’t done a lot of racing. But, we have been working on a new Fury racecar that we put together. It will be the first race for it down at Lanier, we’re looking forward to supporting the PASS series, and going to an historic racetrack that has a lot of cool history and hasn’t been raced on lately. Looking forward to getting down there and seeing what we can do,” Moore told Speed51.


While Moore lived and raced in the south prior to the start of Lanier’s hiatus in 2011, this weekend’s PASS Lanier National 200 will be the first time that he has ever turned a lap at the venerable facility. The good news for Moore is that the majority of the field is also making their first starts there, and those that have experience at the 3/8-mile oval will have a new track surface to deal with.


“I haven’t raced there, never been there. There’s a lot of unknowns going down there, but everyone is in the same boat, which makes it nice too. There’s a few guys that raced there years ago, but I think it has changed quite a bit since then. Nobody really has an upper hand, it’s almost like going to a brand new race track. Everybody is going to unload Friday afternoon, they’ll have a lot of question marks to look at, and a lot of things to figure out. Hopefully we can figure them out better than the rest of them.”


With Lanier serving as the season finale for the 2019 PASS National Championship, a number of PASS North drivers are expected to make the long journey south this week. Some of those racers are drivers that Moore has not raced against in a number of years.


“I’m looking forward to some of those guys, I haven’t raced them in a long time. They’re always a tough bunch to beat, they are really good racers up there. There’s a few of them that are going to be tough and ready to go, but we’re ready too. We got this new Fury racecar, PFC Brakes, Five Star Bodies has a new body on it, ready to go tangle with them.”


Above all, Moore is pleased to be supporting the bold venture being undertaken by PASS in order to bring back a treasured race track into the fold of short track racing. Of course, he also wants to be the one to say that he won that first race back.


“With it kind of being an inaugural race, I’m excited for it. Thanks to Tom Mayberry for putting it on, it’s always a risk to go do something like that, promote something, and put up the money for it. So, I’m really thankful that he’s done it, and it’s good for all the Super Late Model racers, that guys like him will go out and do that for us. It’s going to be a big event, and that’s what we are going for. We’re going in guns a blazing and we’re going to be ready.”


Race fans all across the land can witness the return of the Pro All Stars Series and short track racing to Lanier Raceplex live on Speed51 this weekend. Click here for more information on this weekend’s broadcast.


-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Speed51 Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Speed51 photo

Former Short Track Draft #1 Pick to Race at Lanier