Team Stange Racing announced today that they will campaign the number 47 Ford Fusion – Bell Plantation, NASCAR K&N Car for Pro Wrestler/Race Car Driver Mike Senica, for select NASCAR K&N Pro Series EAST events. This will commence with the K&N East’s NASCAR Speed Weeks, New Smyrna, Florida event on February 15, 2015.


Mike Senica first sat behind the wheel of a racecar in 1991, and has been involved with the professional auto racing circuit for 20 years. His direct involvement began when Mike was a senior in college in Daytona Beach, Florida. He earned his SCCA regional license and competed in local races throughout central Florida.


In 1994, Mike became involved with Indycar racing, by assisting CART/Indycar Driver, Dennis Vitolo of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mike contacted journeyman driver Vitolo after the 1994 Indianapolis 500. Vitolo took Senica under his wing and educated Mike about the logistics of sports marketing and promotions. Mike started his own sports marketing company, Motorsport Concepts in 1995 and has been working diligently for the past twenty years to obtain corporate sponsorship for his racing efforts.


Motorsport Concepts has worked with companies such as Bell Plantation, Damn Good Jerky, Optimum Nutrition, XS Energy Drinks, CAM2 Motor Oil and Madi’s Organic Water with their motorsports marketing programs by providing corporate consulting and B2B relationships in the racing industry. Mike began to assist other drivers with their marketing programs for their respective sponsors. “I was involved from running corporate days to driver appearances”, Senica said. It was all a part of his plan to run in bigger races down the road. Senica has been competing in the ARCA Racing Series for the past five years and drove for several teams before being introduced to John Stange in 2014.


“John Stange and I met for the first time through a mutual friend and started talking Indy Car racing “of the past” and what his team was going to be doing in NASCAR racing in 2015 I then said to myself this guy gets it and I need to work with him. My sponsors need to work with him”. “John understands what it takes to support and develop a relationship with a sponsor, as well as building a strong race team with great people starting from his marketing to his performance department.” Mike Senica


“What I like about Mike is that he is a promoter. He understands all the areas of racing from a driver perspective to marketing and promotion. He is determined, committed and never gives up. That says a lot about the driver you want in your car. Mike is the guy that is quietly building his racing career race by race strategically and carefully and making sure he is taking VERY GOOD care of the sponsors at the same time.” John Stange, Team Stange Racing Co-Owner


“We chose the NASCAR K&N Pro Series EAST championship for a few reasons, one reason was the series demographic made a lot of sense to Bell Plantation and the affiliation to NASCAR was huge for them. There are also a few ARCA races that Bell Plantation, Team Stange Racing and I will race and they will be announced at a later date.” Mike Senica


“This is cool, I get to work with a real wrestler, I told the boys that the 47 car uniforms are going to be tights and masks and that they are going to all have cool nick names. This is good for NASCAR, Team Stange Racing, Mike Senica and a great program for Bell Plantation. We look forward to working with Bell Plantation and his other sponsors and welcome them to NASCAR and to our great little team.” Rick Crawford, Team Stange Racing Competition Director and NASCAR Race Car Driver


-Team Strange Press Release & Photo

Former Pro Wrestler to Compete in Select K&N East Events