MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Denver Foran’s visit to the World Series of Asphalt at New Smyrna Speedway included three Top-10 finishes but came to an end with a disappointing wreck in the 100-lap finale event.


Foran’s final race was cut short when the No. 24 slid up into Foran’s No. 00 MMD Mineral Sizing Chevrolet. The damage to the racecar was too much for Foran to come back from and resulted in a 22nd place finish, the lowest finish in his seven races at the World Series of Asphalt.


“We started off pretty good and the car was fast. Our good run all went away whenever that 24 just slid up into me,” said Foran afterwards. “It’s just one of those things I guess. He’s learning, I’m learning. We’re all out here learning. We got just got the bad end of the stick this time. So it’s one of those things.”


During seven nights of racing, Foran was able to get acclimated with the LFR team and cars and gain valuable experience on the track.


“I was really excited to be a part of the LFR team and come down here to get the racing season started,” said Foran. “It was great to work with everyone for an extended period of time. Now we’ve got a system down of working together and putting some fast racecars on the track. I’m happy with how the team works together and how I drive these cars and everything, so everything works pretty good.”


“The week went well and Denver developed and learned each night,” said Jeff Fultz, LFR Late Model Director. “We would have liked to have a win, but we didn’t tear the race car up at all until the last night. One of the biggest things about Speedweeks is to gel as a team and get ready for the rest of the season. Getting acclimated with each other and the race car is important. Every night he learned more and developed throughout the week. So, it was a good Speedweeks overall.”


Foran and his team will next compete in The Rattler at the South Alabama Speedway during March 13-15.


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