John Owen lined up for the fifty lap feature event on the pole position and would not give it up. Despite several restarts in which Glenn Watson and Jesse Kennedy tried their best to overtake the #2 of Owen’s, John would not be denied this win. The win was a popular one in front of the home town fans, and emotional John thanked his crew, sponsors and his family for their continued support. Current championship contenders #17 of Kevin Cornelius and #81 of Andrew Gressel both did not have the feature they were hoping for. Both drivers would be involved in incidents which would see them restart at the rear of the field. At the end of the fifty lap event it would be the #17 in fourth and rounding out the top five was the #81 of Gressel. With just two events left Andrew Gressel holds a 37 point lead over second place #17 Kevin Cornelius who has a slight 10 point lead over third place Jesse Kennedy. This event would also mark the end of Rudy Oppersma career. Rudy did not score the finish that he had hoped for, but was still all smiles in the pits as he looks back on over 30 years of racing, and the friends and fun he has had.

Bad Luck of the Event: #16 of Robert Bickle is a home town favorite every time the series rolls into Peterborough Speedway. Unfortunately mechanical problems in practice would keep the #16 sidelined for the night. There was a tie for top qualifier between the #42 of Tyler Hawn and #54 Mike Beyore. Hawn looked poised to challenge for the feature win, when a brake line broke causing a brief fire that ended their night early. Mike Beyore also did not have the feature he had hoped for and ended up in tenth place. Mike Westwood continues to work out the bugs on his new super late model. Craig Stevenson in his #57 was forced to retire early as well from the feature event.

Rookie Battle: The b10 of Kelly Balson was once again the top rookie of the event. Corey Jones made the extensive repairs after Sunset Speedway and the hard work paid off with a heat race win and the second highest rookie in the feature event.

Car Count: 15

Pole Sitter: #54 Mike Beyore

Heat Race Winners: #39 Shane Gowan, #54 Mike Beyore, #17 Kevin Cornelius, #82 Corey Jones

Top Five in points:  1st#81 Andrew Gressel 666 pts, 2nd #17 Kevin Cornelius 629 pts, 3rd #10 Jesse Kennedy 619 pts, 4th #22 Glenn Watson 597 pts, 5th #b10 Kelly Balson

Next Event: Sunset Speedway Velocity Weekend September 27-28/14

Feature Finish: 1) #2 John Owen, 2) #22 Glenn Watson, 3) #10 Jesse Kennedy, 4) #17 Kevin Cornelius, 5) #81 Andrew Gressel, 6) #39 Shane Gowan 7) #b10 Kelly Balson, 8) #40p Charlie Gallant, 9) #82 Corey Jones, 10) Mike Beyore, 11) #04 Rudy Oppersma, 12) 91 Mike Westwood, 13) #57 Craig Stevenson, 14) #42 Tyler Hawn, 15) #16 Robert Bickle dns

Series PR – Dan Little Photo

For the First Time in a Long Time for Owen in OSCAAR