Florida Fest Winner Looks to Keep Momentum Going at Showtime

If there’s one word to describe Steve Dorer entering this weekend’s Super Late Model Triple Crown Race #2 at Showtime Speedway, it would be excited.  And he has good reason to be excited after recent performances at the quarter-mile.


The Florida driver is the most recent winner at Showtime, picking up the win at Florida Fest last month in dominating fashion.  Dorer also had the car to beat in the first Triple Crown race, but a late incident ended his night prematurely with a 13th place finish.




“I’m always excited.  I was excited after the race before Florida Fest, we were really fast that race.  We just had a situation with another competitor that didn’t work out,” Dorer told Speed51.  “If that would’ve worked out we probably would be sitting in a good seat right now.  I love racing so I’m always excited.”


He drove two different cars in the two events, with the same speed found in both of them.  Dorer contester the Triple Crown opener in his self-owned car, while taking the FLF Racecars house car owned by Tim Curry to victory lane at Florida Fest.


“The car’s a really good car.  I don’t feel like we’ve picked up speed with that car, per se.  The race before we were really fast in my car and we dominated that race until the restart at the end.  Between Finish Line and myself and my crew chief Jimmy, we’ve put a lot of time into it and we’ve got all the cars going faster.


He first drove the FLF house car in an ARCA Midwest Tour event at Grundy County Speedway in August, following it up with a 13th place run in the Joe Shear Classic at Dells Raceway Park two weeks later.  His win at Florida Fest was just the third time he climbed into the No. 90 for a race.


“Tim’s car is brand new and he’s put a lot of time and effort into it.  It’s a really nice car to drive for sure, I’m grateful that he gave me the opportunity and I look forward to every time I drive it.  I also look forward to driving my car as well, it’s also a Finish Line car and I think they’re all good cars when they’re Finish Line.”


Dorer’s win at Florida Fest was his first major win since 2017, when he won the Bill Bigler Sr. Memorial 128 at 417 Southern Speedway.  It was a big confidence boost to he and his team after hard luck the past couple years.


He will have the opportunity for another major confidence boost this weekend in the form of another $10,000 payday.


“It would make up for some tough seasons.  The last two years we’ve had speed but we’ve had some disturbing luck or whatever you want to call it, maybe some bad preparation or bad decision making on my part.  It was nice to offset some of that and reward the guys that work so hard at Finish Line.


“Some people that actually deserve some recognition, they finally got some for being fast and the work they put in.  I was really happy for those people after different times where I made a bad decision or something broke.  They finally got recognition so that was really nice.”


Saturday’s event at Showtime Speedway will be streamed live on Speed51.TV, including both the Super Late Model Triple Crown Race #2 and the Dave Steele World Non Wing Championship 125.  Click here to watch Saturday’s event.


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo

Florida Fest Winner Looks to Keep Momentum Going at Showtime