Florida Driver Paces First Snowball Derby Practice

Jesse Dutilly closed out the 2019 Deep South Crane Blizzard Series season by winning the final Super Late Model regular season event at Five Flags Speedway (FL).  The Florida racer started his 52ndAnnual Snowball Derby by posting the fastest lap of the opening practice.


Dutilly made his first appearance in the Derby last year, and is off to a strong start in his sophomore showing.


“We unloaded with a lot of speed,” Dutilly told Speed51.  “That’s good to get out of the gate.  I was on used tires, so I’m real happy with the car.  We still have a couple of things we want to work on with the car to make it a little bit better.”


Jeremy Doss was another driver who unloaded with early speed, placing third on the charts with a fastest lap of 16.609 seconds in his return to Super Late Model racing.


That speed had Doss in a very good mood after the opening round of practice.


“I’m loving it.  The car is pretty good right off the bat. It’s a good start to the weekend. Hopefully we can keep up with the racetrack.  I think we’ll be pretty good.


“I’m really happy.  We were hoping we’d have a good baseline and it looks like we do.”


For the 2019 Kulwicki Driver Development Program Champion, a strong run in the Derby would be the ultimate finish to an incredible season.


“It would mean the world. It would be my biggest accomplishment of the year.  Winning the Kulwicki Driver Development Program was my biggest accomplishment, but that would add to an awesome 2019 season.”


With the importance of Friday’s Country Pleasin’ Pole Night, some competitors got an early start on mock qualifying runs.  One such driver was Georgia’s Corey Heim, placing sixth on the charts.


“I’m feeling pretty good so far.  We made a little bit of a mock run.  I don’t know where we were on the charts, but the car felt pretty good.  It’s definitely a big cluster of cars out here, with 50-some cars we have here.  We’ll work on it a little bit more and hopefully gain some speed.”


David Rogers enters this year’s Snowball Derby looking to break a tie with Red Farmer for most starts in the historic event.  He also returns to racing for the first time since last year’s Derby after a battle with cancer.


Rogers was pleased with his performance so far, which was good enough for 18thin the session during his first official seat time.


“For the first time out, first time in a car at Pensacola, it felt pretty good.  We’re like everybody else, we have a lot of improving to do.  The car felt pretty good and I felt decent in it.  It’s all about getting me and it in-tune, I guess.”


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Snowball Derby Practice Results, Round One


Pos # Driver Time
1 30 Jesse Dutilly 16.458
2 81 Giovanni Bromante 16.528
3 75 Jeremy Doss 16.609
4 53J Boris Jurkovic 16.638
5 54G David Gilliland 16.641
6 78 Corey Heim 16.662
7 43 Derek Thorn 16.665
8 18 Hunter Robbins 16.668
9 91 Ty Majeski 16.673
10 21P Jeremy Pate 16.688
11 51S Chandler Smith 16.700
12 36 Dan Fredrickson 16.727
13 7 Corey LaJoie 16.728
14 5M Mason Mingus 16.731
15 26P Bubba Pollard 16.734
16 54C Matt Craig 16.772
17 57 Josh Berry 16.778
18 11 David Rogers 16.783
19 9M Brad May 16.801
20 22 Casey Roderick 16.809
21 53B Cole Butcher 16.809
22 10 Kaden Honeycutt 16.814
23 1 Michael House 16.822
24 48 Preston Peltier 16.826
25 26B Travis Braden 16.827
26 12B Harrison Burton 16.831
27 51N Stephen Nasse 16.834
28 7D John DeAngelis 16.835
29 16 Lucas Jones 16.837
30 2 Derek Kraus 16.853
31 4 Kyle Plott 16.860
32 50 Jett Noland 16.876
33 14N Austin Nason 16.885
34 14C Connor Okrzesik 16.910
35 35 Jake Garcia 16.915
36 12G Derek Griffith 16.931
37 5A Jerry Artuso 16.932
38 51G Derrick Griffin 16.932
39 71 Johnny VanDoorn 16.947
40 45 Rich Bickle 16.948
41 9C Jeff Choquette 16.951
42 112 Augie Grill 16.959
43 14H Carson Hocevar 16.963
44 79B Kyle Bryant 16.983
45 99 Casey Smith 16.988
46 20D Jack Dossey III 16.990
47 97 Steven Davis 16.998
48 14D Chris Davidson 17.028
49 119 Dalton Zehr 17.101
50 20M Cole Moore 17.106
51 88 Jordan Anderson 17.121
52 51A Michael Atwell 17.149
53 21B Trey Bayne 17.257
54 90 Tim Curry 17.271
55 15 Rodrigo Rejon 17.423
56 8 Colten Nelson 17.435
57 37 AJ Wernette 18.322



-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 photo

Florida Driver Paces First Snowball Derby Practice