On Thursday, November 1st, Carl Schultz, owner and CEO of Five Star Racecar Bodies released a letter to the Late Model racing community explaining the current status of the 2019 Late Model body. That letter can be read below.


Dear Members of the Late Model Racing Community,

Five Star has taken the initiative to invest in the future of late model racing and released the 2019 Late Model body. As a founding member of the ABC Committee, we believe this new body will benefit all stakeholders in the industry, just as the 2004 body achieved. As such, we would like to address a few concerns around pricing, aerodynamics, and participation from other manufacturers:


  • New body is the same price as the current body.
  • A 3% price cap has been established – only to cover annual material cost surges if needed.
  • Five Star serves as a sole supplier for several other top racing series across the country, and we have a strong trackrecord of never taking advantage of a sole supplier scenario. Our quality, service, and pricing has never faltered.


  • We have proven to the ABC Committee, and they agreed, that the aerodynamics between the current 2004 body design and the new body are equal. This is the quote from their July 18, 2018 letter; “after discussing the test with those from our committee that were present (at the June 21st, 2018 wind tunnel test), we are comfortable with the performance of the new body in comparison to the existing ABC Body”.
  • Racers are not obligated to buy this new body to remain competitive.
  • The new & old body are designed to run competitively side by side.
  • Wind tunnel data from four complete rounds of wind tunnel testing is available to any appropriate party.ACCESS PLAN FOR OTHER MANUFACTURERS
  • Five Star invested several hundred thousand dollars in designing this body with much collaboration with industry experts. We have done all we could to encourage AR Bodies to participate.
  • Five Star has very generously offered Master Patterns to AR Bodies at no cost to manufacture their tooling/molds. AR Bodies has declined this offer.
  • There is still a clear path into the program for AR Bodies to manufacture/supply this new body going forward.As stated in our advertising, everything that has been done in the design and testing of the new Late Model body has been done with the full intent of the ABC Program in mind. We look forward to full ABC approval and adoption of the new 2019 Late Model Body.

    We thank the growing list of tracks and promoters who are allowing the 2019 body to run.


-Five Star Race Car Bodies Press Release. Photo Credit: Speed51.com

Five Star Updates Status of 2019 Late Model Body