Five Star Announces Upgrades to Referee Inspection Device

Twin Lakes, WI – Five Star Race Car Bodies has introduced two major upgrades to The Referee – now branded The Referee 2.0 – to make the body inspection process easier and more thorough. The updates are also designed to speed up the tech process significantly.


The most recent changes are the laser measurement assembly and magnetic wheel locator plates. These upgrades are included in all newly purchased Referees or are available as separate add-ons for Referees currently in the field. Going forward all devices sold by Five Star will be The Referee 2.0 with included upgrades.


Replacing the front overhang bar, the newly introduced laser measurement assembly serves two purposes. It provides an easier, much more accurate front overhang measurement and also measures engine setback. The laser itself is on an adjustable arm which can measure front overhang from 46 to 48 inches and setback at 2 and 4 inches.


This upgrade replaces the roof height measuring block. When purchased as an upgrade to the current Referee, the assembly includes the block, laser, arm, and hardware. It does not include the roof height tube assembly and chain that already exists on the current Referee.


All new Referees purchased (as The Referee 2.0) include the entire assembly with the tube and chain.


For easier attachment to the wheels of a race car, the other major upgrade is a tinted polycarbonate wheel locator with magnetic attachment. The six ultra-strong magnets attach to the wheel with much less hassle than the clamps on the current Referee. Upgrading the wheel locators is a simple task as each is affixed to the Referee with four machine screws. Wheel locator with magnet upgrades are sold in sets of four.


The Referee 2.0 also features a newly upgraded, more modern-looking graphics package.


The Referee and Referee 2.0 can be used to inspect current ABC and Late Model Stock Car bodies as well as the ABC NextGen and 2020 Late Model Stock Car bodies.


For more information about The Referee 2.0 contact Five Star Race Car Bodies at 262.877.2171.


-Five Star Race Car Bodies Press Release & Photo

Five Star Announces Upgrades to Referee Inspection Device